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So I'm back! Hopefully.

_Im back after like forever. Forgot even my user name here and had to ask people. I did enjoyed a lot of stuff here before and btw where the heck is the chat room ? I cant seen to find it anymore. I did found a few friends here and its good to look back and read some silly blogs I made.

Maybe I would make this my repository of movie blogs. Maybe just maybe!


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I'll see you in Kathmandu

It's probably one of the things I wanna do the most- See Kathmandu with someone special. I had that chance recently but wasn't able to go- But my Benben took some wonderful photos ( of my favorite subject, DOORS)  for me- Thank you Momo...Read more

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Im ok...

I guess when we want to just hide and think about a lot of things- you go to that place where you think no one will find you.  Forgive me AnD for having to come home like this because I'm feeling all crappy.I should be happy really for having this overwhelming feeling of love and passion for someone. But at the same time, a lot of other emotions are flooding in . a lot of insecurities and a lot of vulnerability on my part. I just wish I can be very clear most of the time with him- Cuz Ive noticed the lil fights- because we get lost in translatio...Read more

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Man from Nowhere

  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8LooQRJcYI&feature=youtu.be Other than the over all awesomeness of the movie, this probably has the one of the biggest and best knife fight scene ever!

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Happy Red Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone

though we all know this is the time most women  get good excuses to whine and get that something from their guys, a perfect opportunity to make them feel guilty and make them buy really expensive gifts..and boys? Duh perfect opportunity to join the traffic of course and head off to aherms you know where

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Kero keroooo!


Feeling much better now after a week of medication. Can now sleep and can think clearly. Without the cigarette of course! That makes me hoppity hoppity like a frog. Now off to skin a cat. Happy Weekend everyone![](/attachments/2010/10/25/12/284535_201010251202371.thumb.jpg)

I now officially love frogs! During my moments ...Read more

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hey guys how does it feel peeing while squatting


I suppose randomly asking guys how it is for them if they pee squatting down. Whats the angle of their you know what. A lot gave me strange stares, or just simply thinks its a normal thing I usually dish out. I did not know that such a simple question of how do guys pee squatting and girls standing up would be like , elicit such response . BUT really its for a very valid reason. Im kinda trying to make this story for like 5 years and I still cant get past a certain part.. its about this girl who wish...Read more

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