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A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." Diane Arbus ~

pretty much an extreme character toward lots of things.

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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin, spanish
Location England, Germany
Gender female
English Name Pukupuku
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Jan = exam month



I forgot how long have been under the stressful atmosphere of exam and revision....

But by now, just 1 more exam to go on 25th then im freeeeeeee until the next sem starts which is Feb....

Can u believe it.... the very very last time when I dress up get ready to party/clubbing was in JUNE last year...

not that i havent had fun since then, but mainly just stay in or have a meal with friends, or have a drink at home...





and last 1-2month...when i was visiting friends.. it started snowing so heavily. FREEZING><n it was just November mannnn!!




Hope every1 had a lovely christmas and new year =]



Few days ago~~

Just when I was so tired n stressed out with revision...

I received the parcel from yoko!!! THANK YOU SOOOO SOOO MUCH YOKO U TOTALLY LIGHTEN UP MY MISERABLE WEEK!!!!! sorry I havent been able to update or reply these days I have been too busy n tired ...

they look amazzzinnnnggggggg I totally screamed with joyyyyy when i opened the parcel~~

there are cakes, candy, magazine, golden flake, etc

so many variety !!!!!!!! by the time i took the next photo I have already eaten the 2 cake on the top corner lol!!!!


the cake looks beautiful and I could feel the excitment of finishing them at once lol


I was suprised this its a layer cake filled with fresh apple bit and sause at the middle. n SERIOUSLY its delicious~~~~~~~mama mia !!

from the other look so interesting!! is it noodle??

I havent open it yet lol


I also havent open the box of candy nor peek at the magazine yet hahaha

I want to leave the suprises later on when I got tired from revisions hehehe~

I think I just had the best quality of revision break from the rest of the other people in my corridor hehe


ok time to go~



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Back from tokyo~

So after many years telling people how much i wanted to visit japan~ 

finally i made it~ a rather random and relaxing trip to tokyo. 


Hotel staff/taxi driver/sales are extremely friendly.


I was the only person wearing flip-flop and light makeup on the street in shinjuku,

all the japanese girls have either nice shoes or heels on, preti heavy makeup on as well but kawaii. it totally killed my self confidence even i dont have much already but from 30% to -30%, which I ended up bought a pair of boots and heels for myself to go out. haha


Shinjuku is an evil place... i almost gone bankrupt especially after spending some times in

 Lumine est.


I don't remember much about the temple in Asakusa but mainly the foods in that area


Quite a few english speaking people in Roppongi esp the club * Fiera* (cant remember so im not too sure if its the name of that club

), did have an interesting night with my friends in there lol.

A special THANKS to yoko~JasmineTfor dropping by the hotel i stayed on monday and the lovely gift I love it very much!!!!  unfortunetly I was at asakusa, chiyoda aqua city then Akihabara so it was pretty late when i received the gift and read the note. then next day I had to rush to the airport in the early morning, I am so sorry yoko I didn't get the chance to call and meet up with u ><

After a lonnng sleepless flight journey back to london Heathrow... 2hours waiting in the queue for immigration check.. 2hours journey back to my old house grap all my belonging and 90mins to my new accomodation..

Here I am at my new place new room..

and yet I still havent finished unpacking..... 


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i want to RUN AWAY!!want2 hv a "run off style vcation"!

I have been kinda busy these days, after i finished my exams 2weeks ago, i travelled to norwich and sheffield, visited from 1 lover to another lover(kidding this 1 is my bff) last weekend. 


this summer i was suppose to go to Tokyo and stay at my japanese fd's place for a week or not, meeting up wiv other friends go out for fun... however people seems to have the hobby of disappear during summer break.. but anyway i didnt when i can make it happen until recently so ... no address no place no vacation><


i need a break from everything, uk, people, EVERYTHING~

and i have been stuck in uk without going on holiday to other countries for 2years damn it!


but yet...... i just started packing my stuff bits by bits because im moving out in 2-3weeks time and the worst part is... i cant move into my on campus accomodation until 19th sept !!!!! T_Twhere can i go during the in between time....wiv my stufffs...><


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weekend in london

*OK parents are here in uk already and staying for2weeks, as the *host ofcos i have to show them arround~

so we were away during last weekend, spent 3night in london did some shopping n sightseeing etc, im just too busy and tired these days.... anyway .its time for some pic!XD**





**Shopping and walking arround like tourist:


**We didn't get on the "London Eye" cos the queue was WAY TOO LONG !!!!!

我門沒有乘坐 "倫頓眼??因為條隊排得太過長啦!!!!!!!!*


House of Parliament 國會大廈。


Er.....Regent/Oxford street (sori im hopeless wiv street's name)



piccadily circuit at night !



**Our hotel room ~ nice and comfy =P

oh thts my mom btw!** **我門的酒店房間﹐蠻舒適的~




and after a LONG day..after we got bk to the hotel she dragged me out for when my dad was getting ready to bed!!!==..oh my gosh==


我的天呀=_=" **


after N times of NG..............plz just give the cell bk to me=_!

而在 N 次重拍之後............請把手機交回給我吧=_!



Food :美食篇

those pastries in Harrods are HUGE!!!在Harrods的烘烤糕餅真的很大件!!!!!


**and PLEASE! Let me introduce the BEST place in Harrods~~~

THE FOOD HALL!!!! hhaa i love those desserts and cakes its jt a heaven for cakeLovers! I bought 6 of them and ofcos i shared with my parentsXD****請讓我介紹在Harrods裡最好的地方~~~~





My shopping ~ Lemon Tart, Strawberry Tart, Tirimisu, Coffee Tower..!?,and my favourites: Napoleon, Espresso tart??



Dinner: Spanish Resturant - **La Tasca

晚飯: 西班牙餐廳 - La Tasca**

**Butter & Garlic fried mushroom, BBQ ribs, Lamb meatball??




**Rice Paella portion for 2people, its enough for 3-4ppl unless

you are a walking stomach=p




**seriously I was gettting very sleepy!!! the lighting in the resturant is always so....

comfy that makes me feel like taking a nap hahaaa~~**

說真的我那時後很睏!!餐廳的燈光永遠都那麼。。舒服~使我好想小睡一會啊 hahaaa~~


oh shit i needa work tmr=_= bye ppl XD


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straight or curly 直或捲


OK ..since i mentioned fom my last blog that i got my hair permed,

so here is the difference....

well .....ignore my facial expression i was very tired when i took those pic.

maybe a better webcam might helps a lil as well...=_ w/e!

so yea.....





**before and after~ which hair style is better??

之前和知後 ~ 那個比髮型比較好一點???**



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A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.\&quot; Diane Arbus ~ ...Read more

Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin, spanish
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English Name Pukupuku
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