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Jan = exam month



I forgot how long have been under the stressful atmosphere of exam and revision....

But by now, just 1 more exam to go on 25th then im freeeeeeee until the next sem starts which is Feb....

Can u believe it.... the very very last time when I dress up get ready to party/clubbing was in JUNE last year...

not that i havent had fun since then, but mainly just stay in or have a meal with friends, or have a drink at home...





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Back from tokyo~

So after many years telling people how much i wanted to visit japan~ 

finally i made it~ a rather random and relaxing trip to tokyo. 


Hotel staff/taxi driver/sales are extremely friendly.


I was the only person wearing flip-flop and light makeup on the street in shinjuku,

all the japanese girls have either nice shoes or heels on, preti heavy makeup on as well but kawaii. it totally killed my self confidence even i dont have much already but from 30% to -30%, which I ended up bou...Read more

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i want to RUN AWAY!!want2 hv a "run off style vcation"!

I have been kinda busy these days, after i finished my exams 2weeks ago, i travelled to norwich and sheffield, visited from 1 lover to another lover(kidding this 1 is my bff) last weekend. 


this summer i was suppose to go to Tokyo and stay at my japanese fd's place for a week or not, meeting up wiv other friends go out for fun... however people seems to have the hobby of disappear during summer break.. but anyway i didnt when i can make it happen until recently so ... no ...Read more

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weekend in london

*OK ..so parents are here in uk already and staying for2weeks, as the *host ofcos i have to show them arround~

so we were away during last weekend, spent 3night in london did some shopping n sightseeing etc, im just too busy and tired these days.... anyway .its time for some pic!XD**





**Shopping and walking arround like tourist:


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straight or curly 直或捲


OK ..since i mentioned fom my last blog that i got my hair permed,

so here is the difference....

well .....ignore my facial ex...Read more

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A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.\" Diane Arbus ~

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