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Lord please strengthen my faith in you. Let me faithful to you. Let me be more selfless. Let me be more like you. I pray in Jesus's name that weakness steps down and JESUS steps up. Lord, please be the centre of my life take authority.. Let me think of you first before everything else. Let me think "what will Jesus do" before I do anything. Oh Lord... emulsify me to become your faithful servant. Give me the obedience you gave David. Let me sing psalms to worship you. Praise you Father, let me praise you even more at the hardest times, prai...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Nov 9

Physics physics physics... I can't seem to balance between art and physics...I don't know if i should work on my physics cuz I need to make my art pro-folio for college. BUT MY PHYSICS IS DYING IN FRONT OF ME AND I CAN'T JUST LET IT ROT.Like I've told Mr.Halabi (physics teacher) "PHYSICS AINT MY THING!!"haha.... it really isnt.So I finally went back to cell group. It felt a lot more relaxing since I am not leading anymore. But i am so glad to see how everyone grew in Christ. I have a lot to catch up  Read more

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