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Prodip Leung

About Prodip Leung

  1. Approaching the edge of reality ! UFO researchers.
  2. member of LMF

Interesting facts about Prodip Leung

Birthday 05-17
Relationship married
Languages Spoken english, cantonese
Hometown Hong Kong
Location Hong Kong
School you don't know
Job Art Director
Gender male
Favorite Music MGMT, Mightnight J, Interpol, Sebastien Tellier, Joy Division, the teenagers & forever Bowie !
Favorite Tv Shows News
Favorite Movies Always Stanley Kubrick
Favorite Books Project Blue Book is not a book
English Name Prodip Leung
Member Since April 27, 2008
Fans 870
Profile Views 194,025

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Congrats !!! @kpee

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@unity_store @subcrewreact

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Happy to launch my new label " HOLY " X Subcrew collection ! Available @unitystore ! Thank you guys to make it happen ! @kobesubcrew @frankie_subcrew @becarefullee @kahsone @swkit @chunchai @maryjoeytse

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Back to work !

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Prodip Leung

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Favorite Books Project Blue Book is not a book
Hometown Hong Kong
Profile Views 194,025
Favorite Movies Always Stanley Kubrick

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