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How to Quickly Rank your website in search engines

  Today ranking your website against your competitors is the hardest work to do on Google. If you are selling something on the site, it’s vital to have consistent visitors who can come to your website to check out your products.
Google search engine is the only leading platform where people find desired Solutions.
Having website on Google’s first page means having a lot of traffic. That is the primary purpose of SEO.
If you go to online freelancer websites, people are selling their services related to SEO.
Some are affordable, but most of them are costly.

Why am I telling you this?

Oh! yeah, Don’t you already know this. Well, I am here to Guide you how you can save your money by doing SEO of your website or blog by yourself.
There are many free SEO tools available which audit your website and automatically identify the problems in website ever offer the solution to improve websites SEO.I am going to explain some more efficient tools which you must use to improve your SEO.

SEO score checker

If you are planning to start doing SEO on your website. The first step would be to audit your website. Seo score checker tool is available free online. It Reviews the site content and things to improve on your website. Like Page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, Google Search Results Preview and much more. Now that you know what is missing on the website you can improve faults easily.

Domain authority checker

Domain authority and page authority are two different things. Having good scores of authority is very beneficial for your website. This authority is created with continues practice of SEO and with the passage of time when the domain is getting older. This tool tells the exact domain authority and page authority of the site.It also tells Moz rank and IP address. You can use pps Domain authority checker for this purpose.

Check plagiarism

This tool is very helpful to check the content quality on your website. Check plagiarism tool review text content on your site and tells if content is copied or genuinely unique.  You can use text comparison tool if you want to check originality against a single website.

You only had to copy and paste the text content on this tool. Students can check their assignments on it to check quality of their work before submitting.Teachers can use this software to detect the cheating material.Professional content writers must use this tool to satisfy their clients because no one will accept the content which is slightly plagiarized. 

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