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A Job You Can Pay To

I have just come back from China and that trip resulted in buying three remotely operated helicopters. Why? Well, I had some work on a show and thus I was to find out if any of those RC drones were going to be functional in practice. And I should tell you I cut loose and went wild with it as much as I could!

Ok, there are a lot of places where you can look for the RC toy you would like to buy. For example, TopRace, or amazon top race or you can read about it in this article.

But let’s go back to my three helicopters. Why three? Oh, my boys would literally kill me if I didn’t but one for any of them. That’s why three men in the family – three toys in the pack. I was really curious about how each of Aikens is going to deal with the flight issue and the result it is going to affect our personalities. Koji, my elder one, quickly was nicknamed as “Crash”. The younger son, Owen, has shown his furious rush onto his elder brother. Well, I believe, his copter will live longer). And as for me I am between of those two characters.

The main issue is that small helicopters have raised in me the feeling of having fun while doing something new. That resembled me the first moment when I tried juggling. I was trying to do my best. I had some other activities to be involved in, like school drama and band, but when I started juggling – believe me, it was a real FUN!

Why was I doing that? Because I WANTED to do that. I adore working on something new and really enjoy it. And yes, music was not my destiny.

I’m crazily happy that I could build my rewarding career out of the activity that I love. Hours that I spend when “doing’ my job (you should see the expression of my face now, when I’m writing these words) – those hours are absolute pleasure for me. And I really look forward to the years of hard work.

One man said that a person should do work that he or she can pay to. Well, if you look at me I’m gonna tell you that I’m insanely lucky ‘cause this is all about me and my job!

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December 19, 2016
Los Angeles, United States

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