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Wedding Plans

So no word on the date yet, but we figured since we both don't like being the center of attention, we wont be putting on a monkey show lol. We're basically eloping.  My parents approve, I'm not sure about his family yet. They're very celebratie type of people while Ry and I are not so much. So not sure if they'll be offended or anything.


I have a dress in mind, but uh...it's actually a fusion of 2 pieces. I'm not sure if it's gonna be possible to make upon request either.

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My Ring

Yeah,  it's been a while since I posted about engagement rings. We went to Warners, lost the business card along with the style rings and stuff...swear it was on the counter...lol


Anyways we figured yeah it's not in our price range and I kept wanting to check out other places. Mainly because I think I wasn't sold entirely on the ring at Warners. So yesterday Ry had a furlough day for his MGT 187 class, so he told me to meet him and we went back to Devons. Great sales lady (Tracy), she even sat down with us and taught us ...Read more

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Horrid Homecomming

Well since the semester is nearly over, dead days started yesterday so I went home yesterday to see my parents, I haven't been back for nearly 3 weeks...the longest time I've ever been away from them. I go thru the front door, sis is standing there watching tv doing whatever and the first words that come out of her mouth is, "Dad is in the hospital..........(long silence)" I freeze for a moment and put everything down and "What no one bothered to call me????"

"He had a small heart attack and went in...Read more

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~ Seasons Greetings ~

  ~ M er ry Ch ri st ma s!

~ Ha p pyH o li da ysTo E ve ry on e!

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Christmas Gift Wish List

Well I thought I'd list down some stuff that I would like for Christmas. Feel free to make your own too!


1) Soul Calibur game

2) A new digital camera

3) A new laptop

4) Clothes

5) Electric Mixer

6) Audi from the movie "Iron Man" yes the one Tony was driving!!! lol

7) Bumble Bee camero from Transformers

8) My Bachelors in Accounting..lol 2 more semesters....

9) Shamshire

10) Frostmorn sword

11) Chocolate

12) Brownies...Read more

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Cooking Experiment # 2

So yesterday morning I decided to make French Toast: cinnamon, eggs, milk, bread, and vanillia extract.. Sorry no pictures...forgot sadly....hot cocoa (no coffee), sausage links & scrambled eggs...


Haven't eaten lunch yet...But we decided to make POUND CAKE!!!!!! Turned out okay, got the recipe from emerils.com. Needed a bit of lemon zest and more vanillia. Ryan wants to add raisins. Maybe need to cook it a little less. We wanna try adding milk to it. A bit hard for the top crust part, not sure why, wonder if ...Read more

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Locked Jaw

Okay....so you guys all remember me getting my wisdom teeth out right? Well guess what?


I've been getting Locked Jaws since then on. Today, I've locked it about hmmm 4 times...I couldn't get it unlocked for a while that I even started to drool....  you didn't hear me say that......


Dang it......anyone know a way to get your jaw back into place after it's locked up on you???


Bugging the crap out of me. I might as well nail my jaw do...Read more

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The Aftermath

So it's Saturday, and I'm at home trying to get onto Blackboard to take a look see at my test case analysis to finish and take into class. It's not working!!!!! The site is DOWN!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Birthday night, Ryan and I talked it over. He was stubborn and just wanted to get out and have some fun. So I did as he wanted, I wanted him to feel better and he did. He spoke to his brother that night too and told him that it was my birthday. They both looked at my birthday as a good thing. A good to cancel out ...Read more

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Happy Birth Day To Me!!!

So today is my birthday. Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. I really appreciate it.


Not all too great of a day I suppose? Ryan got a call this morning from his sister while she's at their moms place. Ryans step father passed away due to cancer.


Ryan is taking the news okay. I'm not sure how he feels inside, he'...Read more

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I guess

I should post an update since I've yet to post anything new for a while now.


Been busy, taking up another TA job, as if I wasn't doing one already. But that one was dying off so I'm taking up another one with an instructor I had last semester. Pretty sweet! I'm hooked up!


Sorry for not being too active on here lately. Just tons of things to do and things on my mind and stuff to worry about.


Bad part is, it seems like there's this big huge bad luck thing upon me since my cell ph...Read more

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I will name you Squishy and you will be my Squishy! School in session! Leave a message/pm :)

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