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Thought id switch it up. :D Im working on my resume again!!!!! HEHEHEthis time it looks super legit :P I wonder if i shud go onto campus and make an appointment again to have my resume looked at...... hmmmmmmm =\ but anyway...normal resume's for me are like 1 page.what about for dem artists and such? o.0

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Okie dokie...im bored...im at schoolhopefully my books arrive like on monday so that i can RETURN THE BOOKS I BOUGHT AT HTE BOOKSTORE THAT WERE FREAKIN OVERPRICED. next year i got to remember to order books BEFORE wow week NOT AFTER god damit. u'd think after 3 years.... nvm dont finish that sentenceanyway im on campus at the library and i finally got one of the computers so im staying at this spot till I HAVE TO LEAVE >=]]anyway in the mean time im bored and talking to jesse there and he's being noobalicious :P 

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Im sorry, i didnt know how much of a bitch your mother was. Hansel and GretelHard by a great forest dwelt a poor wood-cutter with his wife and his two children. The boy was called Hansel and the girl Gretel. He had little to bite and to break, and once, when great dearth fell on the land, he could no longer procure even daily bread. 

     Now when he thought over this by night in his bed, and tossed about in his anxiety. He groaned and said to his wife, "What is to become of us? How are we to feed our poor children, when we no ...Read more

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Health Center

Im going there soon!!!!! :D:D:DHopefully im not really that sick!!!!!!!!! On a lighter noteeeeeeeeeeeim counting down to something........any guesses?!?!!?!?! Hahahahaha okay ill just tell u because i dont think anyone would get it cept Gary LOLRead more

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Results because of WOW

I am sick. i think its because i overworked myself during wow. and it doesnt help that my wowie was sick and coughing all over my living room.ugh >

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WOW WEEK Complete :D

WOW is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!I have my life back again!!!!!!!!!!!well except that i yelled and screamed and cheered all week that ive lost my voice ><. and my feet are so tired from walking and have become numb to walking. but other than that im back....just kidding...there's more. i got like 5 hrs of sleep a night. i know thats more than some people, but the activities that we were doing made far bigger of a toll on my body because they all required tons and tons of energy. so if i lay low for the next few weeks or so its becaus...Read more

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Meet Arthur. Well if you remember, he's the kid that laughed at crazy when i played the hand slapping game with him a while back. But to everyone else, Meet Arthur. Pwning my sister with the "asian torture device " LOLWe have a little basketball hoop set up in my room and uh. yeah Read more

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Movies we shud all see

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No i am not playing the game la. Im talking about Week of Welcome. Orientation for the new incoming freshman at my school. Its going to be way intense.FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK. Want to see what we have planned? Me and my Co? YEAH. HERE. ILL GIVE U A TASTE OF MY BUSY LIFE.Thats from 7am .....Read more

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The Countries HOTTEST Dance crazes

Oh my god if ya'll been keepin up with some serious swagg, you'll know why these dances are the SPOT right now. YOU'RE A JERK - i know [says DY] -NEWBOYZ Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv9VKKXwVxUJerkin is da BOMB rite now. Some awesome west coast swagg for ya. Next up isss more serious swag.SWAG SURFIN - F.L.YVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuRhJ...Read more

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