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I finally learned how to type chinese on my computer!!! it has taken me FOREVER to figure it out and that just tells you how good i am with computers. let see if i can type something here... hmmm... 我可以打中文了!!!但是我打得很慢. 然後我很爛.  haha oh dear. if i ever make mistakes guys... just guess what im trying to sayy hahaha. anyways today i dled a whole bunch of new songs and my playlist is all long again. and its all random songs tooo!! Check it out: kiss kiss- chris brown. Unwritten- natasha bedingfield. crank dat- soulja boy. perfect day- hoku. beautiful girls- s...Read more

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Darn Im back at school. Going home for the weekend was amazing, but having to come back was something i dreaded and now im back in my dorm and im like GREATT =.= haha College is fun, don't get me wrong, but i guess i just haven't transitioned to being a college student yet. its taking a while since its so much mroe comfortable at home. Sigh, now i have hw i don't wnat to do. Whats up with that?!

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Wow So today was my frist time going downtown, SLO by myself and boy was it scary. I had to take bus 5 down and it was going along the most random routes i was srsly doubting that i would get to the transit center downtown. but i finally asked the bus driver and he said " eventually " HAHA great. well i got down there and i stopped in verison wireless to ask how the hell to get to Abercrombie and Fitch. Woot i met a nice college student that helped me out. i still got lost with her directions [ eventhough they were really good ] and had to...Read more

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Ok, So this is definately my first time using alive not dead, and only because my uncle made me get one. As far as i can tell, this website is well on its way and getting popularity. I do hope to get that hat of yours to promote popularity wink [ uncle... ] Im not really a big fan of the asian pop culture trend, but i guess its just me. I definately know a ton of people that i could influence, and have them get a profile on this website. But as of now, i haven't done that and im working on it. Pretty sad, since im asian, that i don't...Read more

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