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Friends that turn Nasty

    I have been friends with this one girl since high school, and we became really close in the four years we were able to spend together. I knew her in middle school, but it really started to kick off the relationship during freshman year. 

The problem is that now we are both in college and new problems are starting to rise. Im more of an out going person, and because i know my friend is a bit more on the shy side, i try to help her out by encouraging her to become more social. If trying to encourage your friend to go...Read more

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    I finally get my stupid license to drive!! WOO HOO. lolll and i passed the first time. sigh.. and i was worried why? well not to mention the lady that tested me seemed like a complete bitch but thats ok! lOL im so glad im all done with it and that i got out of college so early. Man ive been doing tons of stuff!! As a PS2 fan, ive been playing Kingdom Hearts non stop! and then there's the tv... hahaha. ohhhh not to mention, i caught up on my sleep!!! finally!! i mean after finals and such, i had such bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, so now i...Read more

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my newest obsessions

 Ok so ive always been a HUGEE fan of Angelina Jolie, and for those of you that don't know her, pleaseee look her up. She's kinda important. lol. buttt my newest obsessions are:

CSI: MIAMI  ~ Emily Proctor ~Jonathan Togo

South Park [ the show.. duh...] 

for those of you that haven't watched these shows, you really have to! even though its american and this is like an asian site. If any of you guys watch these shows, what do you think is great about them? Oh and if you don't know them, is there any ...Read more

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grow up - simple plan

    i hope this code works...

Grow Up Lyrics

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Gummy Bears!

Im sorry guys i like to watch videos. lol. this is really funny and werid and just a mix of everything lol. 

i hope u enjoy it at LEAST a little bit. like laff or something =]

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PLEASE WATCH IT AND COMMENT!! Its soooooo cutee!!!!

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Halloween party

I had walked in and out of my cafeteria twice, where the party was located. Halloween. Well it wasn't that fun, there wern't that many people, and the songs wern't really good, and i didn't know anyone. So i came back to my room where i complained to some of my freinds that i wanted to have fun and go to a party, but was forced not to because of the uninviting atmosphere. They finally convinced me to go one last time, so i stepped out and was just haning out infront of my building when two guys approached me. They were like &q...Read more

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While Atlanta's running out of water, over here in San Diego were running out of water to put down FIRES! Just kidding, i don't know the exact details but i doubt were running out of water. In San Diego right now, there are like tons of fires burning and causing families to be evacuated from their homes. It really sucks for so-cal ppl because they have to leave their house >=[ Usually i would say BURN BABY BURN, cuz fire does help the environment restart and regenerate [ stuff like that ] but i don't think its appropriate in this situatio...Read more

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Its my..

BIRTHDAY!!!!!! IM18!! IM LEGALL BABYYYY =]] definately time to get the party started ;) pink style LOl.

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Cuckoo for BSB!

dis bird kicks ass. =]] he head bangs too  

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