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  • First Ever DVD Release

    Tuesday, Mar 8, 2011 2:59PM / Standard Entry

    When I was a little boy I looked into the pages of Martial Arts Magazines and wondered if I could ever be in one. Now some 20 years later Tiger Claw and Kungfu Taichi Magazine has given me an opportunity to not only be featured in their magazine, but to also create an exciting new series of DVD's for martial artists and enthusiasts alike! A lot of thought went into this project and I hope everyone can enjoy the result. Special thanks to TC Media and also to my students Sebastian and Augie for helping demonstrate some moves!




    Wednesday, Sep 29, 2010 11:50PM / Standard Entry

    My families school South Coast Martial Arts will be hosting a Tournament Saturday, October 23rd featuring divisions for Karate, Wushu, Kungfu, Internal and Grappling. Registration is only $25 for one division and $35 for unlimited, awards will be given to the top three competitors in their respective events and proceeds will go to fund the Walking Tall Foundations scholarship program. In addition to competitors we are also looking for volunteers to help referee, coordinate and judge. For more information visit www.southcoastmartialarts.com


  • In Case you missed it

    Monday, Jul 19, 2010 9:51AM / Standard Entry


  • Help Create Free Kungfu Wushu Camps in America!

    Saturday, Jun 5, 2010 4:35AM / Standard Entry

    Hi Everyone!!!
    Kungfu Heroes presents its first fan-based fundraising project together with the Walking Tall Foundation.
    We have signed up for a grant program through the Pepsi Refresh Project for our Youth Summer Camps and Outreach Program called "Kungfu Kids Camps".  In order for us to win this grant we need to have our friends and supporters vote for our idea. 
    To vote you need to go to http://www.refresheverything.com/kungfukidscamps and press on the vote button for our cause.  It will ask for your e-mail address, name and birthday and you'll need to create a password.  Please vote as often as you can (1 time per day) and the more votes we get the higher we move in the rankings.  Only the top 10 receive funding and we're in the 200+ spot so we have some work to do.  We hope we can count on you to help us reach out to the kids in our community and beyond.
    Philip Sahagun
    South Coast Martial Arts


  • The Martial Arts Mindset...

    Wednesday, Apr 14, 2010 3:11AM / Standard Entry




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