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Dear Everyone,

Here I am again...

The july issue of the magazine called Brouhaha has been published for a while and before I will forget I will post them here on AnD!

Pictures turned out to be very nice. I like the lighting which is very sharp, bright and clean and the artistic shadow effect on the pictures.

They definately have a high fashion content and add some new value to my portfolio. I just send a few of them to some of my agencies, since I am working freelance and hopefully they will do some good for any upcoming new jobs.

Thanks to the Photographer Kin, who is young and talented and the great styling they have turned out even more than expected. It's always again a team work effort and I had a good time with the team as well...

In only a couple of hours we we're finished and I didn't had to wait long before the lighthing was set up.

Here some of the final pictures. i will post them soon also the scanned version of the magazine, but you can also admire it on internet!

Just google "Brouhaha" and go to the july issue of this mag!

Thanks for your visit again and keep up the good work yourself !!

Peace and see ya soon!




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Yes here I am again:-)

    Haven't blogged for a long looong time, but here I am again!

Been so superbusy with my new job and no time to blog, sorry for that!


Still have to blog about some few gigs I have done and coming up!

Yesterday I finished my newest fashion shoot and this one is going to be published in the upcoming july issue of the

Magazine Brouhaha, a cultural and fashion mag.

You will see me in a fashion spread of 6 pages

         The pics turned out very nice and the outfits are amazing and high fashion.

           Worked in a great teamspirit and will show the published pics very soon.



           This week completed my job for the VENETIAN IN MACAO,  the pictures will be in a wide term used and it's among other for internet posters and probably busses and other stuff. I was the maintalent together with another male model, Ken.


     And last but not least I am going to be one of the four ringgirls in the upcoming LEGEND fighting tournement. We will have our outfits and rehearsal very soon and attend the press conference...!!!

Come all watch it this thursday, 24th of june!!



So stay tuned    More pictures from published material is coming!!!

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Photoshoot with Mike Tsang!!

Photo shoot with Mike Tsang!!!


Dear all!

Here I am with a new job I did with Mike Tsang! Mike is a great and very good photographer to work with and he's very nice and kind in person. The make-up was done by the lovely Heidi Lee, who is also a freelance model. I was so glad that she could make some time for us cause I personally requested her. She did a great job before when I had a shooting with Felix So.

Behind the scenes shots:

We shot some nice lingery and fashion that day. I did my own styling and I think I did a great job on that as well....

I am looking forward to work with Mike again for some great headshots...

Here is the result of the best pictures we have made:

Hope u enjoy my pictures and see you again very sooon!!!




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Halloween party City of Dreams in , Macau and Macau Grand Prix job!!

Dear All,

It has been a while again that I have blogged about my gigs and what I have been up to lately.. It's been a while already but I have partied and worked during Halloween in Macau for COD (City of Dreams)!! By the way they have also booked me as a grid-girl for theMacau Grand Prix this year! Both gigs have been amazing and it was fun to do. Although it was a little bit cold in the weekend of the 21 + 22 November. My booking for the Halloween job was last minute and I was actually already looking forward to the AnD Halloween  gig in Zuma, It would have been my first dressed up Halloween party in Hong Kong. Actually in my life since we don't have Halloween party in our country Holland, where I am born and raised!

The Halloween party was held on the third floor of the hard Rock Hotel and meanwhile there was a party going on MGM, but I heard ours was much more fun from my friend who went to both....We had a life performance rock band on stage and everybody partied on! Good weather, great pool, lots of drinks and devils all around:)

Here are some pics of the event:

Halloween City of Dreams, 2009


My honey Lum Lum came by:-)

Macau Grand Prix 2009, 21+22 november:

In the early morning at 6 o clock we were waiting for our ferry cause we knew it was going to be busy cause everybody was planning to visit this event! It was one crazy big event and there were so many gridgirls in different outfits! Photographers, papparazzi everywhere. If we all could get a dollar for every single pic what was taken we were very rich now hahahha...

Our race team girls looked all like lady gaga with our blond wigs and sexy spacy outfits with silver boots. Like futuristic barbarella's all out of the Music Video of Daft Punk, LOL!! I thought COD did a very good job cause at least it was way more original then what I have seen around.

Our racer that COD was sponsering, was from Holland as well. His name is Renger van der Zande and he ended up at on teh seventh place which is really not bad....

2 days we were there all and we all did an amazing job!

Sasha and the FTV crew was there as well and my friend Eugene took some amazing pics as well... Thanks Eugen for sending those to me...!

Take a look :

With Renger van der Zande (racer from Holland!!)



The End!!

Seeyah next time where I will show you more pics and stories from my gigs......


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Fashionshoot with Patrick Au and May Kwong

Dear all ,

It has been a while again! Yes I promised to blog about so many gigs and here I am with an enormous drawback...But it's all because of the good reason that I have been busy !

I hope u all have been doing very well. I am great at the moment. I will see tomorrow my best friend from Holland here cause she flew over with her family. The last time we saw each other was also here in Hong Kong when she came for a long vacation. We haven't seen each other now for 3 months and have so much to talk about..

I have also been on a trip to Taiwan with 2 of my girlfriends. We went to Kenting in Kaoshiung which has a beautiful beach. Then we visited Taipei. It was great fun in the clubs and very interesting to see the nightmarkets everywhere. Too bad we didnt had the best weather. It was very rainy and windy.

Anyways now I am back and I wanted to post some of my new fashionpictures, which were taken in the newest Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shatin. I always knew that the Grand Hyatt has a great and delicious buffet but I have never been in the one in Shatin.

We shooted on te 24th of August, which has been a while ago if think about it now!!

Patrick has alot of experience in fashion and beauty photography and you can see a big part of his work on his website:

I think he makes wonderful work and his wife May does a great job due to the styling. As I saw they did a lot preparation for this shoot and I was very lucky that they picked me for it.

Holly Lo did the make-up and se also took some snapshots during the shoot.

The pictures are very moody and are far different from what I already have in my port.

Here they are:

By the way these pictures are all not touched up!

Holly took some snapshots and one of them is my favourite! I think the pic has great colors and I actually have put it in my portfolio even though it's just taken with a normal camera:

Like I said not bad at all for just a snap! I actually love snapshots cause sometimes they just are suprisingly good..

The fact that they just come out of normal camera makes it even more special. Of course also thanks to the set up of the lighting.

Well next time I will blog about some other gig I had...

There's more to come, so stay tuned!

Bye for now and take good care!







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W Hotel, Weddingexpo


Dear all,

How are u all? Hopefully everybody survived the terrible typhoon 8. Today I went out for a casting and it was pooring rain! It was awfull but luckily no storm...

I wanted to post some of my snapshots taken during an event I worked for in the W hotel in Kowloonstation. I had to be the host on a weddingexpo and it was a great atmosphere to work in. So good to see so many happy couples who are planning to get married and together looking for inspirations for the big day!!

Especially the costume we, Sabrina and I were wearing made it worth to take some pictures. Too bad there was not more time to take pictures during the event, but many photographers who worked for the Hotel were taking pictures and hopefully I will get those as well. I will post them then of course!

The costume was quite heavy and handmade and specially designed, a piece of art!

Here are the pics:

At the end of the day I felt so relieved cause the thing on our head was quite heavy and we were stuck in each other also if u see the second picture:-)

Well I head a wild coupe in the end hahaha...

Next time I will post some other pics of other projects I lately did...

Take care!!

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Dear Fans, Friends and Visitors on Alive not Dead!!

It has been a while ago that I have been blogging and there was a sensor in me which said that it was about time!!

I have been back to Holland and did there a few shoots for a Philips project for Asia. They are gonna use the pictures for the packaging and everything around it for their new householdingproducts.

Happyfamily pictures, very American! Hopefully I get the pictures very soon from the productionhouse.

I missed HK very much and decided to come back and here I am again. I told my agencies that I would be back and lately I have been busy with several castings and some very good projects.

I have been working for an event in the W hotel in Kowloonstation, a weddinexpo. The whole event was very well taken care of and it was nice to see how many people have plans to get married. Made me almost think hahaha.. I had a very nice costume! Pics will come very soon!

Last week I was in Macau cause I have been chosen for the maincharacter Jennifer Yashimoto in the upcoming new Macau Tourism Video for the Tourism Association of Macau.

I didn't know until I arrived there that I was the maincharacter, so that was a very pleasanr surprise. It was a great opportunity and we had to work the whole week there for this Movie which only has a duration of 4/5 minutes.

The role that has been giving to me is an busines executive who is an interior designer and meets up with the other two maincharacters. I am the one who keeps up with international contacts during parties and other occasions in Macau. The whole Movies has it purpose to attract more people to do busines in Macau.

Because of this Movie I have been visiting so many great sides in Macau. It was a very nice trip and excursion to me besides the opportunity and the honor that I could glance in this movie. I have been in Macau lately also for the concert of Lady Gaga and the big Raveparty. So had seen only Venetian and it's poolparties and some casino's.

The team I worked with was great! Peter and Henri, the other 2 maincharacters were very nice and fun to work with. The whole camera crew and the directors were great to work with...

I will post very soon the snapshots that were taken during the shoots.

The other gig I had was for Arne Venema, Spencer Douglas and Derrick Fong, for the very next Coffeetable book. I was also in the first one which still has to be launched. God I am so excited and curious for the final result!! They are always a great team to work with!

Last time the theme was beautiful girls with junkfood in beautiful nightclub locations in Hong Kong and this time the theme is : KILLER KAWAII TREATMENT!! It's inspired by anime and mean sexy girls with weapons, yeah! I love this theme... We had to wear a wig and carzy costume with weapons!

I also did an amazing fashionshoot for Ishootfashion with Patrick Au and May Kwong! They have wonderfull work. You can take a look on

Holly Lo was the make-up artist and she did the make-up very natural. I have some wonderfull shots I still have to post. The location was the newest Grand Hyatt Hotel in ShaTin

I have been working in Holland with Pepin Press and the will bring out a book about the history of the CHeong Sam and they asked me to be one of the models who wear the dresses in the pictures and this book is soon published. I get of course a sample and I am gonna post very soon also the pictures from this project!

So there's alot to blog and post!

Stay tuned!!!



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Photoshoot for the coffeetablebook!

Hey everybody,

What's up? How you doing? I want to blog about my totally awesome photo shoot I did yesterday in Cali Cali, TST for the Coffee table book.  You probably heard of it! One of the producers is Arne Venema! Derrick Fong, the photographer did a great job and it was so cool to work with him together. We worked with full energy and made some amazing shots... Mike and Max did a great job for hair and the make-up so that I could shine for the camera!

here are some behind the scenes shots..."Wicked" like Arne says Stay tuned for the final result...

Peace, till next time...


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Way Out by Intwine......

Hi everybody,

How are you all??

I wanted to cheer up my profile page with some 3-D stuff since I only have posted pictures and blogs yet.. I think it is time for something else. I found out that a music-video from the famous European Rock band "Intwine"  is still on youtube and I am in this one. I am still busy with collecting material for my upcoming new show reel and waiting for the one who is going to make this. So Joris if you read this, hurry up, lol!

Anyways the video was shooted in Belgium in Gent and we were with a whole team from Holland. "Way out" is the second single of Intwine's debut Album. Shot in Belgium (Gent) by "Poodles on Speed". They hired a driver who picked us up at a central point and he brought us after wards home again. Cause you see from the video that it was shooted on a location of nowhere. Very old building, looks like it will collapse during the shooting!

We ended late so everybody was tired as the usual at the end of the day.

I love this song!!


I have some great memories of this day although it was a while ago!! Enjoy this song and you can see me somewhere in the third part of the music-video.

CU Next time again

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