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Dear Everyone,

Here I am again...

The july issue of the magazine called Brouhaha has been published for a while and before I will forget I will post them here on AnD!

Pictures turned out to be very nice. I like the lighting which is very sharp, bright and clean and the artistic shadow effect on the pictures.

They definately have a high fashion content and add some new value to my portfolio. I just send a few of them to some of my agencies, since I am working freelance and hopefully they will do some good for any upcoming new jobs.

Thanks to the Photographer Kin, who is young and talented and the great styling they have turned out even more than expected. It's always again a team work effort and I had a good time with the team as well...

In only a couple of hours we we're finished and I didn't had to wait long before the lighthing was set up.

Here some of the final pictures. i will post them soon also the scanned version of the magazine, but you can also admire it on internet!

Just google "Brouhaha" and go to the july issue of this mag!

Thanks for your visit again and keep up the good work yourself !!

Peace and see ya soon!




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Photoshoot with Mike Tsang!!

Photo shoot with Mike Tsang!!!


Dear all!

Here I am with a new job I did with Mike Tsang! Mike is a great and very good photographer to work with and he's very nice and kind in person. The make-up was done by the lovely Heidi Lee, who is also a freelance model. I was so glad that she could make some time for us cause I personally requested her. She did a great job before when I had a shooting with Felix So.

Behind the scenes shots:

We shot some nice lingery and fashion that day. I did my own styling and I think I did a great job on that as well....

I am looking forward to work with Mike again for some great headshots...

Here is the result of the best pictures we have made:

Hope u enjoy my pictures and see you again very sooon!!!




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Way Out by Intwine......

Hi everybody,

How are you all??

I wanted to cheer up my profile page with some 3-D stuff since I only have posted pictures and blogs yet.. I think it is time for something else. I found out that a music-video from the famous European Rock band "Intwine"  is still on youtube and I am in this one. I am still busy with collecting material for my upcoming new show reel and waiting for the one who is going to make this. So Joris if you read this, hurry up, lol!

Anyways the video was shooted in Belgium in Gent and we were with a whole team from Holland. "Way out" is the second single of Intwine's debut Album. Shot in Belgium (Gent) by "Poodles on Speed". They hired a driver who picked us up at a central point and he brought us after wards home again. Cause you see from the video that it was shooted on a location of nowhere. Very old building, looks like it will collapse during the shooting!

We ended late so everybody was tired as the usual at the end of the day.

I love this song!!


I have some great memories of this day although it was a while ago!! Enjoy this song and you can see me somewhere in the third part of the music-video.

CU Next time again

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Blog: Thursday, Jan 29

Hello, I want to welcome everybody warmly to my Alive not Dead profile.

This is my first day on this website and it is an honor to join this community.

I hope I can meet a lot of interesting new people here and that it will give my visit to Hong Kong a power boost!

First of all I was very curious about this site because of its name and I had never heard of it before, since I haven’t been longer than 3 months here.  This is the first time ever I stayed that long in Hong Kong and I am really enjoying it!!

Getting to know the website, I think it is a good way to promote artists in Hong Kong and get to know them.

Cause although I am Chinese, but even I don’t have a clue sometimes about the Hong Kong entertainment field and about who is who.  East and West are so divided. So it is truly nice to take a closer look in this way.

I came here for modeling and celebrating my graduation and it was always my desire to jump into the adventure called Hong Kong.

When I heard the name Alive not Dead it sounded very funny in my ears!  If I would come on this website one thing was for sure, I would be alive and not dead

So here I am!

I wish everybody a very happy new-year and may the year of the ox bring prosperity to you all!!

Best wishes


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