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roaring into spring

What can I say? I've been negligent. I've been absent. I've been, well, working out the kinks... Actually I've been working IN the kinks for the last hour or so. Going on a serious explorationi of this band. They only had a few stateside hits, and on watching the movie The Darjeeling Limited, I was just blown away by the quality of these songs that I had never heard: The Stranger, Powerman, etc. So I picked up about 15 records, and I'm getting it on...

...On paper, or rather by the appearance of my calendar in my computer, this might seem like a quiet time. My last major project was in Feb, and the next one is at the end of next month, but I've been very busy. Simplifiying my business, and reverting back to one man band status as an organization has been an incredibly important and positive move. I've started doing my own legwork, and the results are ...empowering. I am sure that my artists will appreciate the new lean and mean organization.

...got some great new contacts in China, and I will be performing in some new territories over the next six months. Finally finding some good contacts in Chengdu, and also other cities.

...In late May, I will be bringing The Hysterical Society to China, but not to Hong Kong. Just couldn't work out the dates. 

The Hysterical Society are a hard hitting rock-jazz improvising group comprised of some of New York’s finest players, along with top musicians from Sydney and Hong Kong. The group’s melodic focus is Michael Blake. Known to the cognoscenti as a unique and compelling voice in today’s creative music, Blake is perhaps best known as the tenor saxophonist of the Lounge Lizards. In this context, his soaring melodic sense will showcase against the incredible powerhouse rhythm section of Michael Sarin (Dave Douglas) and Peter Scherr (Creative Music in China director). On guitar, Carl Dewhurst, one of Australia’s finest guitarists, will at once color and propel this  very strange meeting. Charts are to be provided my Mssrs Blake and Scherr, who have an ear for the new, the exciting, and the unforgettable.

The first half of July is reserved for Jazz Folk. We will be at Backstage Live on Saturday July 12. Thanks to Vicky for working out the deal. Here's the Jazz Folk blurb:

In 2005, Matt McMahon and Simon Barker flew to Hong Kong to collaborate again with Peter Scherr. This project proved to be a departure from the group’s previous avant-garde explorations. The trio explored music of compelling simplicity: great songs that had not yet found their way into the jazz catalogue. Songs by artists such as Joni Mitchell, The Beatles and Nick Drake were read alongside original compositions. It was clear from the first rehearsals that something special was going on. The trio applied concepts of freedom and intensity to this material with stunning results. Audiences were captivated by this new sound and energy. The trio went into the recording studio, and in one trance-like session, captured an album of potent intimacy: Jazz Folk.

Later in July it is The Jackson Harrison Trio. Jackson is one of the finest of a new generation of Australian post-jazz creative musicians. We will be at Backstage Live on Saturday August 2. Read the blurb here:

People are talking about Jackson Harrison now. For good reason: he is an exceptionally talented, strikingly original pianist. He is young, but wise beyond his years. He has chosen well for his music. It is at times delicate, furious, elusive in classification. Sophisticated. Informed by the best of the past, yet completely new. This summer, Jackson will bring his trio to China. He has sought out kindred spirits for his music. Jochen Rueckert on drums. Peter Scherr on bass. To flesh out his ethereal compositions. In the spirit of now. In the spirit of communication. The Jackson Harrison trio.

That's about all I have time for at the moment. I'll be back hopefully in the not too distant future with some more entertaining musings...

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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Thanks for the update!
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
yes, thanks for updating! you sound pretty busy!
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