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Roaring into October 07

  ... many moons since my last writing... it's been a long, sometimes productive, sometimes lazy, sometimes infuriating summer... growing pains of Creative Music in China occupying most of my time. Looking forward to many exciting projects... ...just helped Sydney master musician Carl Dewhurst settle into his hotel. Seems like a very sweet cat. Reminds me a little of Briggan Krauss, gentle NY radical musician/artist. ...this week I'm getting into my Escalator project. Live electronic Improvisation. For those of you who are interested, you can catch our Hong Kong shows at Le Rideau on Thurs 11 and Fri 12. Pls see www.peterscherr.com for details. These are very interesting musicians. Carl Dewhurst on guitar and plundered electronix, Phil Slater on electrified trumpet and acoustified laptop, Nick McBride on drums, and myself on bass guitar through shard-inducing electronic devices.  ...we also have a dancer for the Hong Kong shows, and a special guest doing Cantonese spoken word art. ...two days to workshop this band, and I really can't wait to hear what we sound like playing together.... ...for weeks I've been grinding away at my ears with various electronic sounds such as Mouse on Mars, Oval, Fenesz, Squarepusher, Nobukazu Takemura, also huge portions of the fabulous Australian band The Necks, whom I recommend to anyone who is willing to give them a listen. Worked out on my credit card buying boatloads of the music, including the few Necks albums I don't already have... ...it will be interesting to see how this listening affects the next project, if at all. I'd love to get into those glitchy soundscapes, but I don't want to force this music to be anything. I just want to see what we get, and maybe, just maybe guide it a very little. After Escalator, I am chock full until Nov. 1, when I finally have to get down to all those music papers underneath all the other paper on my desk and piano. Finish tunes that I started in April for both Jenny Scheinman's Willing (November) and Headache (December) ...above all I must stay loose so that I can do all this.  All for now. I'll write again soon. ... 自从我的最后著作的很多卫星 ... 它是长,有时生产,有时令人懒散,有时激怒夏天 ... 在中国的有创造性的音乐的发展时期的困难占领大部分我的时间。盼望很多令人激动的项目 ... ... 刚刚帮助卡尔 Dewhurst 到他的旅馆中安顿的悉尼主人音乐家。似乎是一只很甜的猫。提醒我一点点 Briggan Krauss 中,好心的 NY 激进分子音乐家/艺术家。 ... 这个星期我在进入我的电动扶梯项目。活电子 Improvization。对被其感兴趣的你的那些,你能够吸引我们的香港显示以 Le Rideau 在星期四 11 和星期五 12。地方详情请参看 www.peterscherr.com。这些是很有趣的音乐家。在六弦琴上的卡尔 Dewhurst 和抢夺电不行,在电气化的小号上的菲尔 Slater 和 acoustified 便携式计算机,在至引诱碎片电子设备的低音的六弦琴上在鼓,和我自己上的尼克 McBride。 ... 我们也为香港展览会,和一个特别的客人行为广东人有一个舞蹈演员被说的词艺术。... 两日到讨论会这支乐队,我真正等不及要听到我们听起来象是一起玩的 .... ... 数周我之外以不同电子意味以我的耳朵一直在折磨例如在火星上的鼠,椭圆形, Fenesz, Squarepusher, Nobukazu Takemura,也神话般澳大利亚乐队的巨大的部分脖子,我推荐跟愿意给他们的任何人倾听。在买音乐的船的装载量,包括少数脖子的我的信用卡上算得出我没已经有的专辑 ... ... 会对感兴趣明白怎样这倾听影响下一个项目,如果完全。我会喜欢进入那些 glitchy soundscapes,但是我不想迫使这篇乐谱是任何东西。我刚刚想看我们得到的,或许,的确或许带领它很很少。 在电动扶梯以后,我是满满地充足的直到我最终必须认真进行全部的 11 月 1 日在我的桌子和钢琴上的所有其他纸下面的那些音乐文章。结束调那我在 4 月开始杰妮 Scheinman 是是积极肯干的(11 月)和头疼 (12 月 ) ... 最重要我必须保持松的以便我能够做全部这。 全部暂且。我将很快再度写。

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Good Luck with the shows in Hong Kong, I'd love to attend, perhaps next year I'll be back :). Also Best wishes for Willing and headache. Take Care
about 12 years ago
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wow, did you write your own chinese translation?
about 12 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Thursday I'm booked, but if I have soem time Friday night I'll try to make it out. Have a great show regardless!
about 12 years ago


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