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On the road with Escalator

So here I am in Guangzhou, just waking up in my digs at "Chez Funkenstein" aka the Peng An Hotel. It's not a bad place, actually. Refreshingly free of late night phone calls etc. Yesterday we played at Xinghai Conservatory. We played in a lovely little hall that they call the "Saloon"... Seriously. I was expecting Dutch doors and sawdust on the floor and dusty men with six shooters doing shots of rotgut. But instead, a nice little concert hall and hundreds of eager students... The group, Escalator is shaping up nicely. We started with a burst of noise, and worked our way through various grooving sections, with Phil Slater adding some great electronic parts, and slabs of trumpet melody. Carl Dewhurst doing interlocking noisy guitar parts, and Nick McBride working out on the drums.  I was pretty happy with the sound. We had a young FOH engineer. A delicate little hippie with a very light touch. Used no eq on the board (yay!) and ran things at very cool signal levels. Did not ride the board during the show. Worth his weight in gold. I need to be able to find this guy again.  Mastamic joined us halfway through the set with some blistering Cantonese freestyle, and the audience really dug him and us. Sure, why not.  I nearly got electrocuted when my lips touched the mic doing announcements... We ended with another slab of noise, and many many kids came up after the show to wish us well and hang out with us while we packed up. I love playing for students. And music students even better. Tonight it is club 191, and tomorrow we are off to Beijing to play Yu Gong Yi Shan. Happy Days.

那么这里我在广州,叫醒在我的开掘在“Chez Funkenstein” aka彭旅馆。 它不是一个坏地方,实际上。 清爽地免于夜间电话等。 昨天我们使用了在Xinghai音乐学院。 我们充当一个可爱的小的大厅他们叫“交谊厅”… 严重。 我在地板上等荷兰门和锯木屑和多灰尘的人用做rotgut的射击六发式左轮手枪。 反而,一个好的小的音乐厅和数百热切的学生… 小组,自动扶梯恰好塑造。 我们开始了以噪声爆炸,并且通过各种各样的挖沟的部分工作我们的喇叭曲调方式,当菲尔铺瓦工增加一些巨大电子零件和平板。 卡尔做连结的喧闹的吉他零件的Dewhurst和尼克解决在鼓的McBride。  我是相当愉快的与声音。 我们有一位年轻FOH工程师。 一名精美矮小的嬉皮以非常轻触。 在委员会没有使用eq (yay!) 并且跑了事在非常凉快的信号电平。 在展示期间,没有乘坐委员会。 相当他的重量价值在金子。 我需要能再找到这个人。  Mastamic通过集合半路加入了我们与某一恶意的广东自由式,并且观众真正地开掘了他和我们。 肯定,为什么没有。  我几乎得到了触电致死当我的嘴唇接触了mic做的公告…时 我们以噪声另一块平板结束了,并且许多许多孩子过来,在展示祝愿我们好和消磨时间和我们一起之后,当我们包装了时。 我喜爱演奏为学生。 并且音乐学生更好。 今晚它是俱乐部191,并且明天我们是到演奏Yu锣伊掸人的北京。 愉快的天。

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OH wow, sounds great. There is nothing more rewarding then knowing you have touched someone's heart enough to even have them hang around as you pack up.
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