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Hello from Peter Scherr

Hello folks, I am happy to be a member of this space, this area, this community.  Actually I'm not much of a joiner, but my friend Roland told me about this site a few weeks ago. I tried to join then, but there was a little glitch with the registration process. Up early this morning to check on an overseas communication gone horribly wrong, I figured, bored, having reached an impasse, that I would try again. And it worked this time A little about me. I am 44 yrs old, lived in Hong Kong since 1989. I am a musician. My main focus these days is what I call Creative Music. This is a term that is in common use in the USA, Europe, Australia etc. Music that is often improvisational and follows the musician;s current interests. Is often an outgrowth of Jazz, New Music etc. I once read that it is Jazz Beyond Jazz. This is apt. What I am doing is bringing emerging artists together from the states, (especially the NY "Downtown Scene) australia and europe, creating unique programs of creative music and touring cities in China with them.  The work continues in each project with recordings in my studio and extensive video documentation. My music is meant to upset, disturb, inspire, etc. To challenge the listener's sense of beauty. To open minds about what might be considered music in the first place.   Every year I try to raise the bar in terms of the outrageousness of the music, and also the quality level, the number of adventurous projects etc. And soon, my concerts may also feature gogo dancers! Though this past year, I did rather less performing and spent a lot of time working on learning Putonghua, and also doing a lot of administrative groundwork for the Creative Music in China project. So my music was on skeleton crew mode. But I did keep practicing my beloved bass, and I was in NY for 6 weeks this winter, playing music with my brother and also gathering (along with moss) new ideas, new contacts that will come to fruition, let's say, rather soon. I'll be in touch. Pete http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aotE2MQy0-s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfT0FIj5Q_g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYgX7eIBKPM  喂人們,我樂於是這個空間的一名成員,這個地區,這個社群。哈。其實我是不太好的一名工匠,但是羅蘭關於本網站幾星期前告訴其我的我的朋友。我嘗試然後加入,但是以註冊過程有一些的小故障。在察看可怕地不在的一次海外的交流的本上午初上錯誤,我出現,使厭煩,達到了僵局,我會再嘗試。以及管理這次 一點關於我。我是 44 你老,自從 1989 年住在香港。我是一個音樂家。我的著重點當今是我稱為有創意的音樂的。這是一個條款那是相同在美國的使用,歐洲,澳洲等等是通常 improvizational 的,跟著音樂家的音樂;s 電流興趣。是經常喧鬧,新音樂的長出等等我曾經讀那在喧鬧之外是豔麗的。這是恰當的。 我做的在將來自州的新興的藝術家聯繫在一起,(尤其是現在散去 NY「商業區現場)澳洲和良好繩子,建立有創意的音樂的獨特的計畫,跟他們一起在中國遊覽城市。工作在我的工作室和廣大視訊的文檔以記錄在每個專案中繼續。 我的音樂被打算弄翻,打擾,鼓勵,等等到挑戰收聽者的美感。到關於可能首先是經過慎重考慮的音樂的公開的頭腦。 每年我嘗試以音樂的了不起而言舉起條狀物,以及高級的水平,險象環生的專案的數目等等以及很快,我的音樂會可能也以 gogo 舞蹈演員為特色! 可是這過去的年,我做相當較不表演和花費對學習 Putonghua 有效,以及在中國專案中為有創意的音樂做很多行政的基礎的很多時間。這樣我的音樂是關於最少量的工作人員方式。但是我保持現職的我的心愛的低音部,我今年冬天對 6 個星期在 NY 裡,跟我的兄弟一起播放音樂以及聚集(與苔蘚一起)新想法,將來到成就的新聯繫,讓我們說,相當很快。 我將是保持接觸的。 皮特

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