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I Hurt My Head Filming

Days of having little sleep for 4 months running finally came to an end. On the 20th of July, the TV series I produced has finally wrapped up albeit bloodily!!! On the morning of July 20 I wanted to shoot a scene where the hero saves the beauty, fighting with two punks. In order to make it look real we didn't let the crew prepare that type of soft, fake wooden stick as the weapon used by the punks, so we found a real wooden stick in the scrap nearby. As a result I really did get...Read more

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Singapore Blog Awards. Come and Vote for Peter Ho!!

Singapore Press' internet media OMY is running a [Singapore Blog Awards' "Overseas/Local" Celebrity Blog Award]. Overseas and Local Celebrity Blog Award are 2 among 12 awards at Singapore Blog Awards.

Within one month of nominations, the organiser omy.sg received almost 1000 nominations, then the organisers will select 10 local celebrity blogs to enter the voting stage.

Singapore Blog Awards' website is Read more

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Peter Ho Next to Patina Lin Once Again, Naked Blockade

27 June 2009 Apple Daily Newspaper [Peng Su Juan/Taipei Report] Peter Ho is working with model Patina Lin, who he once had rumours with, on the MV of his new single . Different from the past where they shot an ad only wearing underwear, now they wear a lot on this collaboration. He has Patina portraying an lady boss, with both of them wearing suits in the scenes; he even suddenly wanted to move the office desk to Shalun Beach at Danshui, in order to shoot the aesthetic feeling of the centr...Read more

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Stars Ingratiate Themselves/ Peter Ho and Huang Xiao Ming Can't Stop Eating and Drinking

[United Daily News/Journalist: Yang Qi Feng/ Special Report] 2009.06.27 04:28 am

Peter Ho, Huang Xiao Ming often invites "The Summer of Bubbles" castmates to eat and drink.Pauline Lan is really something, travelling to location she will buy souveniours to give to the staff.

Whether it's example of Taiwan actors ingratiating themselves or the production team, it's a common occurence. Leader Pauline Lan once gave her best friend a...Read more

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Ruby Lin Thanks for Living With Me

Lately I really wish I can use split body magic to call out my other halves, let Peter Ho South act in the romantic idol drama as the deeply emotional and high-handed Ou Chen; let Peter Ho West ride the Red Hare holding Lu Bu's halberd and fight heroically in the battlefield; let Peter Ho North as a singer interpret romantic love stories in different MV's. As for Peter Ho (East) himself he can take care of being a producer, turning his dream into the most aestheticly romantic idol drama...Read more

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"Love Poems" and "Love Stories" of My Youth

Thinking of a song from my youth , I still remember the lyrics in the song said "Love is my everything, friends are my whole world, I don't know what is called tomorrow." I think that during everyone's youth they found it very hard to find a balance between family, friends, love, and work. But no matter what, everyone's youth was full of poetic charm, with cool breeze and light rain, worth pondering and recalling with nostalgia.

Adolescent ...Read more

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Qin Feng Bit Me So Painfully!

Everyone must be very surprised. How is it that I have a new blog so fast. It's mainly because I couldn't wait to share a song with everyone. Actually I'd already finished recording this song, but I had to wait until 14 March to expose it, so I have been keeping it until now. I feel that the songs I used to sing are for singing during the day. In the song I tried to use a gentle voice, to interpret this song as one to be sung at night. In fact this song is really not like a title track, so the com...Read more

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