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Ego Claw night PART 2

 It was nice to get so many people who had made an impact in my life involved in one project!  Even Jason Ho, the guy who introduced me to Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express came to help as Director of Photographer and brought his cool camera, his glide cam, some lights from the school he taught at and his professionalism working overseas in Japan and other parts of the USA.  In addition Moua Lee, a veteran filmmaker offered to use his camera and help shoot some secondary action...it was all very exciting!  I had seen how Ken and Germ...Read more

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Then there was Ego Claw PART 1

  Coming back from Hong Kong, after awhile, it felt time to move on to another movie!  I had been inspired to do a 70's era chop socky cool cop movie something like Gordon Park's Shaft!  Something, cool, but more funny and not all about being badda##.  I loved the recent hit Black Dynamyte "Dynamyte! Dynamyte!"  I thought and though but couldn't come up with a story, then something else developed on it's own.

  A couple of things came together at the same time: 1) My wife's interest in cat...Read more

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The Good Guy (各取所需)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0MyzqKPTTkDes Isness Pictures Presents



Written and Directed by Pete K. Wong

Running Time: 10 min. 58 secs.

  Charles has made some poor decisions in his past that have hurt his relationships, particularly the one with his daughter. Tonight, he tries to win it all back, and fails. Trying to escape from the people he owes money, Charles is put to the test, and in o...Read more

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The Good Guy - Day 3 Production - Night at the Restaurant


Charles (Charles Edwards) gets mic'd up by his co-actor/assistant director Francis Chan  This was the first scene I ever wrote for The Good Guy and originally it took place outside of the Hong Kong Jockey Clubs, particularly the one I saw in Cheung Sha Wan.  Lots of men, would have their newspapers ready, listening to the race on the ra...Read more

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The Good Guy - Day 2 Production

  The first night ended with a visit from the local Hong Kong Police Force, good thing we were finishing our last shot before they came and after they came out of their truck we politely told them we weren't fighting and just shooting a little movie.  We got our shot anyway before the night ended.

  The next day was shot just a block away from where we were the first night. Go...Read more

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The Good Guy - Day 1 Production

  Our first day of production was a night scene.  We weren't able to shoot in So UK Estates like we had originally planned but we found an even more suitable spot just a few feet away. 

Everything had been prepped and ready and still had not heard from some of the guys as to who was going to DP (Director of Photography) the shoot!  When walking down the street was A...Read more

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Pre Production - The Good Guy THE LOOK

  I still have not met an Art Director or Set Designer to work with, so in the meantime I pull together my own sources. 


  I'm not so keen when it comes to camera work and colors and lighting, but I like to watch a lot of movies and look at photographs to kind of narrow down a concept.  These were some of the inspirations I used in the brainstorming process.

Read more

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Pre Production - The Good Guy LOCATIONS

 It's interesting how when you actually start getting the things that you need to tell your story together how it all unfolds, sometimes for the worse sometimes for the better. 

I had a couple of locations that I had passed by that I wondered what if I put it into the movie.  One of them was always So Uk Estates in the Cheung Sha Wan district. It was one of the last old looking estates that still had character behind it, they had already started tearing it down part of it, so I knew this would be the best ...Read more

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The Good Guy begins

  When I first got into Hong Kong in 2007 I worked at a school in Tai Wai. Everyday after teaching, I would walk around exploring the city, trying to purposely get lost so I can see parts of the city I normally wouldn't be able to.  Wherever I went, as night grew I'd see these kids in school uniforms boys and girls out late. 

They must have gone straight from school to these d...Read more

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Beach Spike on set on the beach and rest of


  At the time of filming photographs were not allowed on the set.  I could see why this was necessary to protect members of the cast from the media and other outlets that were already lurking around. 

  Being on the beach was HOT!!  On the first day of shooting on the beach I didn't really prepare well. That night I had a farmer tan in the shape of my tank top.  A farmer tan in case some people were wondering is where you get a tan with markings of whatever shirt or shorts or wha...Read more

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