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  • Ego Claw night PART 2

    Saturday, Oct 15, 2011 11:47AM / Members only

     It was nice to get so many people who had made an impact in my life involved in one project!  Even Jason Ho, the guy who introduced me to Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express came to help as Director of Photographer and brought his cool camera, his glide cam, some lights from the school he taught at and his professionalism working overseas in Japan and other parts of the USA.  In addition Moua Lee, a veteran filmmaker offered to use his camera and help shoot some secondary action...it was all very exciting!  I had seen how Ken and German the guys from Hit Hut arranged action sequences and I really wanted to see what I could come up with.

    Filmmaker Jason Ho (right) and Moua Lee (below right) film on!  Two pros two cameras! Nice!!

    In Ego Claw My Lord (Alex Do) fights all ages, races, and sex

    These were the BRICK props my wife Julia Kong made, they were awesome! She also did the set designing.

    Real life Hong Kong and Canadian Sifu Simon Lui plays the Grandmaster observes his skilled student from a distance

    All and all this was a great fun little project to get my feet wet again returning to Minnesota and it was a homage to all the martial artist and enthused out there!  Check it out after the JUMP!  Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it! Enjoy!

    Des Isness Pictures & Team Chow Fa Productions


    My Lord, a skilled and great fighter has challenged and defeated many other martial artist, tonight they return for revenge, when a young boy challenges My Lord's ego, the forces of nature show up to bring them all as one.

    Directed by Pete K. Wong & Kang Vang
    Short Screenplay by Pete K. Wong
    Running time: 5 min 53 secs.

    Video: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150252693989527

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  • Then there was Ego Claw PART 1

    Saturday, Oct 15, 2011 11:15AM / Members only

      Coming back from Hong Kong, after awhile, it felt time to move on to another movie!  I had been inspired to do a 70's era chop socky cool cop movie something like Gordon Park's Shaft!  Something, cool, but more funny and not all about being badda##.  I loved the recent hit Black Dynamyte "Dynamyte! Dynamyte!"  I thought and though but couldn't come up with a story, then something else developed on it's own.

      A couple of things came together at the same time: 1) My wife's interest in catastrophic end of the world nature destroy all movies (ex: 2012, Day After Tomorrow) 2) Some conversations I would overhear about the martial arts and which one was the best. Who was the best?  3) I wanted to make something for Alex Do, a martial artist, instructor, and enthused action movie guy.

    At first I started thinking of the cool fight scene in Ip Man, where Ip Man (Donnie Yen) takes out like 13 Japanese martial artist - I just loved that!  And that's how it began!  I saw a first of many bodies flop into frame!  Let's start the movie at it's highest point with a cool fight scene only it would be one man, highly skilled, taking on many!  But his reasons where not evil just cocky or confident.  I would write something that could showcase all the martial artist I had build relationships with through the years and some whom I had met recently.  Thus became of Ego Claw.  That's right...Ego not Eagle Claw!

     I wanted to get back with my best friend and filmmaker Kang Vang who had just completed his latest feature Fallen City and who loves the martial arts, I showed him the script and he was very excited to co-direct it with me! 

    First was 2 Saturday's worth of rehearsing at Alex and his now instructor Sifu Simon Lui's clinic.  A room full of martial artist playing together, man nothing could get better then that!

    Having the talk before we began while Alex Do (right) and Kevin Jepsen (left), a great martial artist await the next steps.

    I asked Alex to take the lead and be both Lead Actor as well as Martial Art Choreograpehr

    Alex needed to jot his notes of every movement he'd had to face with every fighter and there were many to face.

    I just had one condition, that he listen to other martial artist ideas and welcome them if needed, but in the end wanted everybody to trust in his ideas.

    Kang Vang (center) the other Director looks on

    Alex was great he worked hard and really had passion and care for what we were creating together. 

    But sometimes he wanted to do a lot of fancy moves and I had to tell him 'no' and stick to my vision!
    And this is what we came up with!

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/user/kangvang#p/u/11/5ejBKTRX2WU

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  • The Good Guy (各取所需)

    Friday, Jul 29, 2011 4:22AM / Members only

    Des Isness Pictures Presents

    Written and Directed by Pete K. Wong
    Running Time: 10 min. 58 secs.

      Charles has made some poor decisions in his past that have hurt his relationships, particularly the one with his daughter. Tonight, he tries to win it all back, and fails. Trying to escape from the people he owes money, Charles is put to the test, and in one night proves that even people who make mistakes can still be a good person inside.

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  • The Good Guy - Day 3 Production - Night at the Restaurant

    Friday, Jul 29, 2011 4:06AM / Members only

    Charles (Charles Edwards) gets mic'd up by his co-actor/assistant director Francis Chan

      This was the first scene I ever wrote for The Good Guy and originally it took place outside of the Hong Kong Jockey Clubs, particularly the one I saw in Cheung Sha Wan.  Lots of men, would have their newspapers ready, listening to the race on the radio, I thought what a great visual.  All these grown men, desperate to make some money to turn their lives around. I thought for my main character Charles, putting all his hope on ever turning his life around from the life he used to live based on one night's bet was very possible.  I didn't shoot it on the street like I had planned, because of all the cops and people who I knew would hastle us, but we got a great restaurant for our opening and it just happened the race was on the night we were filming, so we used this to our advantage.

     I remember calling Charles the day before the shoot telling him how I felt something was missing from the opening.  I felt that I needed to show who his character was and I only had a small time frame to show it in before the action in the story truly takes place. We talked and I asked him for his thoughts about it.  I wanted to show how he's made poor decisions and tonight he tries to redeem himself but I didn't know how.  That's when Charles suggested the phone call to his wife or the mother of his daughter.  Even up to the point before we rolled camera Charles and I were tweaking the dialogue, but one thing that is great about working with a professional, he knows how to show up!

      Benny Wong was the third and final Director of Photographer on TGG and he was the one I originally had approached to helm this project.  We had worked together on some freelance gigs with Patrick Kong, my brother in law and became good friends. I always admired his work and really saw it for TGG.  Due to some unfinished editing projects he had going on he couldn't dedicate all three days, but loaned us all his equipment at no charge and finally got out on our last day of the shoot, we were more then happy to welcome him to our production.

      All and all it was a real fun shoot.  I was worried that all the food everybody was eating was going to charge my wife and me an arm and maybe a leg. I always joked that I'd be out back doing the dishes for Peter, the owner but hey anything for the movie...right? 

    I'm learning sometimes when you make your movie, things happen and just go with it, because it could turn to a great surprise.  Like when Peter who was selling these great fine red wines from France offered to open up a few bottles for our movie!  I was excited!  My wife and I love wine and to see it put in our movie for him...heck why not!  This is why I love making movies! Doing something you love and having lots of fun while doing it!

    We finished up that night with the shots of Charles walking out of the restaurant and onto the streets.  Oh boy!  This was my dream come to life, shooting a film on the real streets of Hong Kong, the energy, all the people!  I'll never forget this production, it was my signature before departing Hong Kong and returning back to the US! 

    We had such good people who i had always wanted to work with just needed the right project to do it. TGG was that. Thanks to everyone! We never could have made this without you!

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  • The Good Guy - Day 2 Production

    Friday, Jul 8, 2011 2:00PM / Members only

      The first night ended with a visit from the local Hong Kong Police Force, good thing we were finishing our last shot before they came and after they came out of their truck we politely told them we weren't fighting and just shooting a little movie.  We got our shot anyway before the night ended.

      The next day was shot just a block away from where we were the first night. Got to be honest here, after the night before with cops, I was not too thrilled to have to get out here again and this time wear a robber's mask and punch the crap out of a student, but once we got filming I just said hell with it, let's make our movie!

      This scene involved Charles approaching Phillip the Businessman (Ben Eppel) about to jump him for his money but then both of them stop put when they witness an incident across the street!

    Uh oh! This can't be good.  A young student (Chanelle Tong, above) gets attacked and kidnapped by a robber! Chanelle was a young full of energy actress who I had met while doing some plays with schools...Grease and Cinderella, I always wanted to see what else she could do with a little work.  She worked real hard and is so young, but just a great gal!  Felt bad having to punch her in the gut over....and over again! But I figured who better to do it then me!

    The night before we had Albert Leung, and tonight we had the honor of working with Herbert Leung (below) the other half of Double Conflict Productions.  Herbert much like his brother was talented all around.  I really enjoyed working with him too! He's got cool hair too! Just look for yourselves!

          Wait a minute!  Are we on the wrong side of the street? 

    Honey, looks like its gonna be a long night after all. .

      When we finished that part, we moved on right away to the action scene!  Just a few blocks over by the bus terminus, we found a seedy, low lit but great view location.

      In this scene Charles makes the decision to go help the poor girl!  Risking his own life in the process!


    "Excuse me, do I hit him first or does he hit me first?"

    Gotta love the light set up!  It works!

    I did prepare that there might be a slight possibility for injury during this particular scene, but never thought that person would have been me!

     Next time, I'll be sure to pay the actors. Noted. Haha!

      All and all it was a great shoot!  So many things happened that evening...the bottom of my shoe wore and tore off during my chasing Chanelle bit, got a nose bleed, we changed the ending, I learned a few things or two about choreographing a fight as to where the camera can go, and there was talk about a pizza Ben had ordered that gotten eaten before he or I could get a piece! 
    Just one more night and TGG would wrap! 

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    Im Actor/Kung Fu Fighter.
    I interested in any proyects.

    Andrew Dasz
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