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MMA China

Here's part of the MMA - China shots exported from RedCine Pro,  only did the simple colour graded, shot 3K 150FPS... but can see clearly the moment of punched... Love the high speed shooting...

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Behind of Scene from the Film "Family Love"

Just right in TaiYin for my Feature Film "Family Love" shooting,  this the first time I work with the Director, I's pay all my passions on this Film since I decided to join the production, but thing's not what I respect for, the production team's really sick, none scheduling, planning and even most of location I never able to Reece...I wish can get done this project ASAP...The only thing I won't give up since the day I promised to took this project...

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Shot on Epic-M 502 / 911 last month in Guangzhou Mainland China

Here's few frame from my last TVC project shot in Guangzhou, Mainland China, I used both Epic-M 502 & 911 (Thanks for (Boss Lim Tai Wah - Cine Ray Camer Rental & Post Office - "Guangzhog" Huge Supporting), Just done the simple color grade from RedCine-X, Wish you guys like it... Cheers

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Last Feature Film Can Watch Online Now!

Hi All!  Here's the last Feature Film I shot end of 2009, and right now you can watch it online now, here's link: http://v.qq.com/cover/9/9ty1yios0mx55hb.html![460.jpg](/webkit-fake-url://ED27E651-09C7-45FE-990C-CA5A0750A645/460.jpg) Took 2 month none stop shooting, quite a hard work, I wish you like it...

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Feature Film "幸存日" 海報

Show on whole Mainland on 8th of March...

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Feature Film "幸存日" Trailer

Here's the Feature Film "幸存日"  I shot in last year, Grand show on 6th of March, Show in whole Mainland China on 8th of March...Remark: I am the Director of Photography for Feature Film "幸存日"                 2nd Feature Film I helping the director for DI Job only... Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ1NzcyNjI0.html

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Lovely Magic Hours

Here's some of the pictures I took while coming back from Beijing to Guangzhou,  Lovely Magic Hours, Sky, Cloud Layer.... Read more

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Some pictures from the Feature Film "幸存日"

60 days none rest, few hours slept per day just passed, I was so tired for this Feature Film shooting,

not only the energy, I did got cold, fever, but still need to shooting. Therefore the big problem was working with a New Director not too easy, especially he doesn't have good experienced about how to make a good action scenes, great experienced about the editing point, also he's suck production manager did the shit production schedule, which gave him a lot of pressure.... anyway he's s...Read more

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Gonna Shoot A Feature Film End Of This Month

Just ride back after few days of the coming up new Feature Film's location scouting,

this film gonna shoot on End of this months, and the whole shooting location will be one of the city near to Gui Young, 2 months of shooting, it gonna be a hard working days there,  and a big challenge... 

Here's some of the locations pictures...

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TVC project in Nan Jing!

Well! this a quite interesting tv commercial project, actually the Director I never work with before,

She know me through one of my friend who's in Beijing, and when I arrived there, then I fund she might never done kind of project before, and the client who's quite a rich person right in NanJing,

there been used for more than a month for the set building, and all the props were real, group of the Artist from Beijing and local, they had created the nice props and also the set building, I pretty enjoy for the...Read more

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