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Hello Alive not Dead


Please visit my new profile here and make me look popular. Thanks ^^

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A Rant of Two Cities

I have been back in London for 9 days and am about to leave again this evening. It has been a while since I was last in Britain, and I have been glad to return, but the old memories of what London can represent (good&bad) have been reaffirmed.

The last time I lived here was 2009, and I was pretty miserable working as a travel agent. The creative side of me screamed to escape like a baby bird about to hatch. I had to split lest London’s stagnation stifled those green shoots.

Korea was fresh soil and has allowed rapid g...Read more

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On inspiration

Something strange happened to me the other day. I experienced what I would probably call my first moment of true inspiration.

Of course we are inspired all the time by various forces. We are inspired to do all sorts of things also, maybe it is simple like inspiration to work hard, or to go up to the person you like and ask for their phone number.

This inspiration that I had was on a whole other level. It was a moment of pure creative inspiration, and it felt overwhelmingly like an out of body experience, so that I try to look b...Read more

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Rehearsals – Week III – February

Call me Mark for the next few weeks. We have been working hard on rehearsals over the past week. I think the scrīpt has gone through about 3 re-writes so far and there will be more to come before principal photography begins tomorrow. It is all very exciting. We will be heading down to Yeongwang, all I know is it’s in the country near Gwangju.

So I have met my co-star Moon, who I can’t wait to work with. She seems very talented, as is Yujin our director. I already sense that it will not be an easy ride. Those of you w...Read more

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Passed auditions and podcasts – Week II

Amazing news! Bagged the lead in an independent Korean film. The audition was pretty awful, I remember doing it in a crowded coffee shop and barely being able to hold concentration, let alone perform. The person supposed to help e translate at the interview was also pretty useless and was impossible to act scenes from the scrīpt with. Somehow, however, possibly my detailed knowledge of the scrīpt after making sure that I knew my stuff, I came out aces. Principal photography should start next month. Time to work on a ch...Read more

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January 2011 – Week I

Just finished filming my scenes for ‘My Black Mini Dress’. Had a lot of fun on set with the crew. Probably the best shoot I have done so far in Korea.

It was interesting in that, for my first scene they decided they wanted me to ad lib. something in Korean, which would have been fine had they not told me after we did the rehearsal and were due to film the scene in 15 minutes. I think it went okay though, I hope they keep it in the film. The second scene with scrīpted lines also required a little ad lib. section which came out re...Read more

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Paul’s Biography

Paul Stafford was born in Blackburn, England to Robert Stafford a postal service worker, and Lorna Tomkins, a secretary for the NHS. Paul has a younger sister named Rachel.

The 5’9″ star grew up in the sleepy town of Clitheroe, where he volunteered at the local cinema in order to watch movies for free. Whilst here, he eventually learned to be a projectionist, before moving away after enrolling at Warwick University. At Warwick he became immersed in theatre, having never had the opportunity to act before, he immediately began acting i...Read more

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British actor, writer, producer & podcaster. Paul has recently had roles in Korean feature films <Pacemaker> and <Korea> out late 2011. Paul pl

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