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Short Film in a Day

The film making community in Seoul is currently gearing up for the 48 hour film project. Although nobody in Seoul has come forward yet to produce the event, we are hopeful it will go ahead.

I have never done one of these before. It always seemed to me a tad pointless. Most people’s attempts are blighted by disagreement, trouble due to the intensity and time constraints, and the finished product will never be polished or look that great. However on the plus side, you get to make something, it’s a great opportunity to get out and ma...Read more

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Improv comedy – 1st show

Finally made my first appearance on the stage since May as part of Seoul City Improv’s comedy show last week.

The ultimate gratification of the stage is undeniably addictive, especially where comedy is concerned.

Seoul City Improv has been around for a while and there were some really ta...Read more

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People watching and thieving deer

Just got back from Osaka, Japan. One of the best and worst things about travelling is that feeling of being totally lost. It’s bad in that even rudimentary things such as the toilets and buying tickets on the subway become actions that you have to try to relearn. However the differences are also good. It’s an opportunity as an actor to study different behavīoral  patterns in people. Not so much the outward things like deference or bowing when greeting, which are specific to just that culture, but the internal drives and proc...Read more

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Filming in London – good food on set, organisation and architectural pickles

Back-dated to June 2011

With Pacemaker entering the final stages of post-production, I am growing more excited to see the final product. It seems to be the case with Hollywood nowadays that some films have to wait months even a few years after completion until they get distribution rights. As such, one starts to forget what they are still waiting for due the fact that when it is released, you have hopefully already started the next project(s).

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Filming a kid’s show – dancing, singing and ridiculous wigs – unexpected discoveries

The first days of filming are now behind me. I can feel less daunted from now on and focus on improving in areas of my art in which, quite frankly, I suck at. Such areas include dancing, unarmed combat and pretending to dance. The former and latter are both skills that I must use in Animal Big Show. Pretending to dance is something I’m improving at, but actual dancing still seems eons away.

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Our very own Ustream channel

Like all good ideas, they usually come from somebody else. After doing the interview on Artist’s Journey about the podcast, Dave and I decided to do a live recording of our podcast recording process. The modern era loves video over audio, not that we are going to be very interesting on screen recording the podcast at this point. However, for anybody who wishes to see the live recordings of the podcast, they can hop skip and cyber jump to this site here:

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IMDB page finally received

There is one thing I have coveted for quite some time as an actor. Something that to me signifies an actor can be taken seriously. And that thing is an IMDB page. Finally I have one and it is just the beginning…


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Live Ustream interview and awesome music

Last night Dave and I were interviewed live on Ustream about The Condition podcast for my friend Wilfred’s show ‘Artist’s Journey’.

We had some video issues for the first half, so just recorded audio, which can be heard here:


The second part of the interview, recorded with video can be seen here:

http://www.ustrea...Read more

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Season 2 of the condition podcast and podcast tab

Season 2 of The Condition is in full swing. Dave and I have returned to examine aspects of human existence. For those of you who aren’t aware of this, it’s part of my research into human states as part of my acting study here in Korea.

The 2 episodes of the podcast released so far are ‘Empathy’ and ‘An Education’. They are added to the 15 episodes of season 1, which include themes such as the end of the world theories, homophobia, plastic surgery and paranormal beliefs in Zombies.

I have added...Read more

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Pick-up shots, Korean traditional weddings, ultra indie filming and more pig’s heads

This post is back dated to early March 2011

This weekend we headed back out to Yeonggwang to complete the filming of ‘Mark’s Festival’. As you may recall, we were prevented from filming the last 3 scenes due to a freak snowfall which, as well as ruining continuity, made it impossible to get the shots necessary. This time things went well and, although there was a little less snow than we needed, things played in our favour.

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British actor, writer, producer & podcaster. Paul has recently had roles in Korean feature films <Pacemaker> and <Korea> out late 2011. Paul pl

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