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Globalization at its best with accordion, violin, double bass and guitar

Did a shoot at a location which I am both quite fond of and sick of simultaneously. It is an English language camp about an hour out of Seoul called Paju English village. It is modeled on a quasi American-European style of architecture, and is used very frequently by film teams in Korea who want to create the illusion that they are not in Korea.

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Korean film crew get fake tree stuck in a real tree


It’s moments like this that make me so happy to be an actor

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At the Counter test shoot, green screens, DIY film making and warm beer

There has never been a better time than now to be empowered as an amateur film maker and actor. Technology has given us the onus to side-step the gate keepers of the film and television production world. Before, only those who had the power had the right to let you do their film or not. Now, with a decent DSLR camera and a head full of ideas, you can make your own films, your own reel, your own art without waiting.

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Travel and acting – broaden the mind, new experiences to enhance your ability to be truthful as an actor

The story of my Bollywood experiences is coming soon. For now, the precursor to that:

In many ways, I feel that had I not traveled to India, I may not have had the courage to become and actor, and take the precarious path I tread today. India is like a training ground where one can take what they’ve learned and put it to good use. Once you have experienced some of the country, you can then head to Bollywood at the end. That, at least, was what I d...Read more

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Blue Guide India – my writing debut, India revisited

Many of you may not know this, but after university and before Korea I did 2 things over the span of about 15 months. This was before, of course, I made the ballsy move (which has not fully paid off still yet) of becoming an actor.

The latter thing I did was working as a travel agent, staring every day at the big world map across from me, selling holidays that I wanted to go on to people with more money than me.

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Film festivals & screenings, 4 men in a bathroom

With a couple of short films I have done in the last 6 months now doing the rounds, some of them are cropping up in the many film festivals going on around the country. A couple of the stalwart gentlemen in our film maker’s group, namely Edward Burgos and James Williams III have organised a couple of screenings especially for our films in Korea.

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Computer Game Obsession – The Condition podcast, Chucky Egg and Unintentional Luddites

Hey guys, this week’s episode of The Condition podcast is now up online.  In it I question Dave about computer games, how people become obsessed with them, and why they are so addictive.

We also talk about old computer systems, Chucky Egg, good marketing slogans for Hooters and exploding coffee makers.

As many of you know, I am usually somewhat behind on technological advancement. When I was a kid, I was still rocking the Commodore 64 once all the other kid...Read more

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The Condition – Season 2, Episode 3 – Selling Film

Episode 2.3 of The Condition is out now called Selling Film.

I’m joined by two amateur film makers: Edward Burgos of Enanoski Productions, a wonderful and visionary director with whom I filmed ‘Perfect’. Check out the trailer:

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Short film in a day follow up

The short film mentioned last week is almost ready for release. I saw the first edit today and was overwhelmed by what could by conceptualized, story-boarded and filmed in 7 hours.

For now, it seems that my messing around during takes was filmed and it has ended up as this little random video, which I quite enjoyed (this has very little to do with the actual short itself):

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Singing about an anteater and a clown fish

Just finished recording the next 18 songs for the series Animal Big Show. We covered another 6 episodes-worth of songs. As always, a load of fun to record with our very talented song writer Billy, and of course the equally talented Brad Curtin, my co-star.

One thing about singing: it is important for an actor to be able to practice their singing regularly. Irregardless of whether you regard yourself as a good or bad singer, sing none the less. When you sing, pay attention to where the sounds come from in you...Read more

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British actor, writer, producer & podcaster. Paul has recently had roles in Korean feature films <Pacemaker> and <Korea> out late 2011. Paul pl

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