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Radio days, podcast nights

Just did a little 40 minute slot on the Steve Hatherly Show for TBS Radio. I do a lot of my own podcasts, but this was only the second time in 2 years that I actually got to do some radio work. I love it. I love the radio and how relaxed the recording can be. It’s really no different from doing the podcast. The production values for radio are much higher though, and I can choose music to play, rather than looking for open source music as I do on the podcast.

We talked about music, obviously. I got to choose a couple of song...Read more

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Acting Smart – avoid scams aimed at wannabe actors in the early part of your career

The acting industry is not an easy thing to break in to. The early phase of acting is usually plighted by that recurrent question ‘where do I start?’.

My best answer to anyone who asks that, an answer I worked out by myself here in Korea, is to get involved with any group of individuals much like yourself, who are putting on theatre plays or making short films independently for free. The first place to start is really to get more experience.

Alternatively, inv...Read more

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‘Happy And…’, speaking Korean in a Korean drama, naturally!

I just finished shooting a Korean drama mini-series where I was the 3rd billed star. A big role and an even bigger challenge. Here is how it happened:

Friday November 25th – I get a call saying I might have a role in a Korean drama and to leave Mon-Weds open if possible for the next week. No more information is given at this point. Now in Korea that actually seemed like advance notice. 3 days to prepare for what is usually a U5 role (less than 5 lines).

Satu...Read more

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Handling rejection: Auditions

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At the Counter follow-up

One of my side projects is starting to come together nicely now. I just saw the latest promo video for its release. We have filmed enough episodes for 2-3 weeks but still probably need some more filmed and ready before the creator Aurelien wants to begin releasing them.

The show, ‘At the Counter’ is set in a bar and is a random group of chance meetings at a bar between friends and strangers from the bartender’s point of view. I have also had a lot of fun writing for this project. I will keep you all posted whenever my episode...Read more

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Kylie Minogue Bollywood video link

Ok, so begrudgingly I add this video after my previous post as some people have requested it. Luckily no, I am not easily recognisable in the video at any point, and no, I am too embarrassed to tell you which points in the video you can kind of make me out in the background.

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Mumbai, dancing with Kylie Minogue for Bollywood and leather pants on hot days

Back in February 2009, just 8 months before I would come to Korea as an actor, I was finishing a 5 month stay in India where I lived with Buddhist monks for 2 months and wrote a little for the Blue Guide India; a new travel guide book detailing the whole of India, which came out last week.

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Ironing out the kinks 1 – self assessment

All actors, sooner or later, need to face the fact that their craft will have holes and weaknesses. The key is to be constantly in a state of self assessment, much in the same way that one employs the Stanislavsky muscle checks to feel more relaxed before a scene.

I often uneasily watch myself on screen, thinking about how I could have improved a scene. It’s never about berating oneself which serves no purpose. It’s not about demoralisation, it’s about looking for the cracks in the method or approach. I like ...Read more

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Short film in a day final product; McFilm making

A month ago I wrote a blog entry detailing our short film in a day project. The final thing has been edited and as promised, here it is. We cheated a little bit in that I recorded the voice over last week and a couple of edits were done to polish the film a little, but the story and all footage was shot in about 6-7 hours on the day.

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Papa filming, China town and courage. TRY

Just filmed a minor comedy role in the upcoming Korean-American joint production called ‘Papa’. The scene was an X-Factor style rip-off show and I had a ‘terrible audition’, on purpose I might add.

As usual, I didn’t get told anything about what I would be doing until pretty much minutes before I was due to get in front of the camera. This aspect of filming in Korea seems to be standard for any production company. It is something that I know is essentially good training for working in England or the US in fut...Read more

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British actor, writer, producer & podcaster. Paul has recently had roles in Korean feature films <Pacemaker> and <Korea> out late 2011. Paul pl

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