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Wrapped on Pacemaker/This is a low

After the chaos of last week, I was secretly pleased that rains returned to Korea, forcing the cancellation of 3 shoots I had lined up. Now however, I am forced with the perpetual trough of a career in show-business: the lull after a project. As of today, all the film and t.v. projects I had going on over the past 3 months have now finished. Although I may have a day of pick-up shots on Pacemaker to compensate for some things there wasn’t time to shoot in London, I finished principal photography on Saturday.

It is a strange business to be so deeply involved in something that it becomes the only thing you do in your life for months, only to be completed leaving nothing but free time. I don’t get bored, there are plenty of things that I am working on independently, like the podcast, but without any big, paid projects ahead of me, I find I lose motivation a little. Luckily, I’ve found a quite successful way of getting back on track:

I usually don’t have time for t.v. shows, but I have about 5 that are on my must watch radar. Usually, if it’s HBO it’s so good that I watch the whole first season in 2 days and am motivated by how good a t.v. show or a film can be that I start working to get myself back on screen. This time it was Boardwalk Empire, and it didn’t fail to deliver.

Let’s hope the rain clears and the work comes rolling back in.

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