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Vampires, marathons, Showtime and mobile phones

I have got to get a new bloody mobile phone. I saw a baby today with an iPhone. Korea is ridiculous. Instead of being born and put into an incubator for a while they just attach the umbilical cord to an iPhone and download the relevant life support app!

My phone has a battery that lasts 12 hours. can’t receive long text messages and has decided to not tell me if somebody tried to call me when my phone was off during a shoot.

This week has been/will be busy as ever.

Did a shoot for SK telecom (guy number 2 in the background), helped organise some things in a quasi-line producer capacity for the U.S. show Next Stop For Charlie, which will air later this year on Showtime.

Received a huge scrīpt from EBS – 72 pages – to learn in 4 days for a shoot where I play a vampire who has decided he is bored of being a vampire and wants to be a human instead, so he tries to fit in. For some reason he lives in Korea and hangs out with a kid and learns things from him.

Then next weekend I have my final days on the set of Pacemaker. Sadness. It has been my longest involvement in a film to date and I’ve loved ever minute, but can’t wait to be able to shave again.

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