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Singing about an anteater and a clown fish

Just finished recording the next 18 songs for the series Animal Big Show. We covered another 6 episodes-worth of songs. As always, a load of fun to record with our very talented song writer Billy, and of course the equally talented Brad Curtin, my co-star.

One thing about singing: it is important for an actor to be able to practice their singing regularly. Irregardless of whether you regard yourself as a good or bad singer, sing none the less. When you sing, pay attention to where the sounds come from in your head, how parts of your head vibrate or resonate when you sing. Pay attention to how you mouth the words and form the syllables.

Singing and speaking both have many similarities and I’m finding more and more that they share cadence and rhythm. It’s easier to pay attention to your voice when singing, but use that to become more familiar with how the voice is used. I see so many actors missing the delivery of their lines by the wrong cadence, breathing and inflections. Singing really helps this.

Billy has named Brad, himself and I the dream team. I’m really looking forward to hearing the completed songs. Certainly 18 songs is a tall order, and after 7 hours, honey and warm water are most welcome. Also, Brad introduced me to watermelon juice as a perfect antidote to a rough throat. The more I practice and warm up beforehand the less I feel strained at the end though.

And remember, sing. Sing in the shower, sing in the rain.

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