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Resolution to Act, Progress in 2012

Whilst many are wasting time and money proclaiming another false rapture, to which they have no evidence save for a highly dubious line in Thessalonians 4:14 (or any other vague line in the Bible for that matter), it’s time for all aspiring actors to plan their year ahead. This should be done with a view to entering 2013 having advanced or gained something tangible from 2012.

Psychologically, many see a new year as chance to start a fresh. Certainly the western mentality is very geared towards this view, and we constantly talk about needing to have a good start to the year. I’ve had a mixed start so far (by that I mean some good things and some not so good), but I don’t really care. Time passes in the same fashion, and I’ve had a mixed weed just like I have had numerous weeks in my life with mixed outcomes. Just like I will have all bad and all good weeks in the future.

The key for me is to be generally in a place where I’m in a constant state of improvement.

Every new year I don’t make a resolution, I make a list. A rational list. Things that I want to achieve, that I know I can achieve during the course of one year. I’ve really found this helps me. It gives me a list of attainable goals to work at through the year. I also include points in my list of things to do regularly, like practice auditioning and cold reading techniques.

Among last year’s list for me were: ‘pay off my debt’ and ‘work at least 7 hours a day on something’ (something being either a shoot or personal projects.) I nailed both of these and am now in a stronger position to move forwards. This year points will focus more on getting ready for my next stage, which will be moving back to the UK, so a lot of my list has this in mind.

If you want believe in starting the year the right way (and even if you don’t believe in that), maybe consider also making a list to define the things you want to achieve this year. Good luck. Filed under: Paul's News, Tips Tagged: achievements, new year's resolution, to do list

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