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Radio days, podcast nights

Just did a little 40 minute slot on the Steve Hatherly Show for TBS Radio. I do a lot of my own podcasts, but this was only the second time in 2 years that I actually got to do some radio work. I love it. I love the radio and how relaxed the recording can be. It’s really no different from doing the podcast. The production values for radio are much higher though, and I can choose music to play, rather than looking for open source music as I do on the podcast.

We talked about music, obviously. I got to choose a couple of songs and explain why I liked them. I chose this song, and this one. The latter holds special importance for me because it was my gateway to rock and roll. I was 12 and I would head to Townsend Records, a small shop in my small home town. One day I saw this dude staring at me from the cover of a CD. He had this style that I liked, and that seemed to say, if you dig my style you should hear my music. Without knowing anything about Jimi Hendrix I bought the album.

When I got home I put the CD in and hit play. Suddenly ‘Purple Haze’ was entering my ears for the first time and it blew my mind. I never knew music could do that. From that point on, rock and roll was all I listened to.

Later that night after leaving the radio station I recorded another podcast with Dave for Season 2 of The Condition. That will be also out in 2 weeks. Until then we have 2 more episodes, the latest of which, ‘Freedom? – Anarchy and Rogue States’ can be heard here.

You can listen to my segment on the Steve Hatherly Show on TBS at 2:20pm on Wednesday, December 21st.

You can listen to my podcast now, by clicking on the ‘podcast’ tab at the top of this page. Feed you ears. Filed under: Music, Paul's News, radio Tagged: Paul Stafford, podcast, radio show, Steve Hatherly show, TBS, The Condition

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