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On inspiration

Something strange happened to me the other day. I experienced what I would probably call my first moment of true inspiration.

Of course we are inspired all the time by various forces. We are inspired to do all sorts of things also, maybe it is simple like inspiration to work hard, or to go up to the person you like and ask for their phone number.

This inspiration that I had was on a whole other level. It was a moment of pure creative inspiration, and it felt overwhelmingly like an out of body experience, so that I try to look back at it now and find the memory to be hazy, as though I were reliving someone else’s experiences vicariously.

The situation was thus (I can’t give away too many details however because it would give too much away about my forthcoming short film):

The setting, time and situation were all perfect. We were filming on location for ’Okpoland’ (see this other post for more information about that), the abandoned theme park. The sun had just set and we were all seated around a campfire.

I had not slept for over 40 hours, and had, for 10 of those hours been desperately trying to get down to Geoje Island from Seoul by any means possible due to busy holiday season. Therefore I was exhausted.

We had filmed some scenes throughout the day, and I felt very comfortable as my character Erik that I rarely slipped back into being Paul for much of the day.

The scene involves me playing guitar; a song I wrote some time ago but rewrote to fit the film. I had never played it to anyone before.

At this moment something happened, and I was not Paul, nor was I barely Erik. Something else controlled the scene to a point that if I think about it, without seeing the footage, I can only imagine that the cut could be one of the best pieces of acting, the most truthful piece of subconscious creation I have ever achieved.

More importantly, I’m sure that this moment was a product of my utter dedication over the past year and a half to acting, to learning, to practicing, and learning some more. I think true inspiration, and therefore true art can only be the product of living and breathing the one thing you want to do with your entire life.

I hope that this signifies me having passed some sort of new boundary in my acting, and that these moments will continue to happen throughout my career.

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