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My First Full Trailer Appearance

Back in January this year, 2011, I shot my first feature film scenes with lines. The trailer for the that film ‘Little Black Dress’ came out a month later and I was ecstatic because I could see my shoulder in one of the cuts in the trailer. Nobody watching the trailer would have ever known it was me, but I was still excited to know that it was there.

Today, 11 months and 3 more feature film roles with lines later and I have finally seen a trailer where I am recognisable and reappear a number of times.

It’s kind of dumb, but as I was explaining to a friend who was featured in a poster for a feature film for the first time, it’s all about those slow and gradual increases and the minor successes and firsts along the way. In little under two years I have seen myself graduate to being fully featured in a movie trailer. Perhaps in another 5-10 years I can see myself in a trailer for a movie in which I will play lead role.

These are the small markers by which I measure my progress and they are really important. Check out the trailer here:

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British actor, writer, producer & podcaster. Paul has recently had roles in Korean feature films <Pacemaker> and <Korea> out late 2011. Paul pl

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