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Laziness and punishment – waiting for the phone to ring

I’m going through one of those ghastly periods where the phone doesn’t ring that often. There are plenty of other things going on, such as filming of my next short film You Will Be Loved which I play lead and am producing. I’m giving a speech on acting, auditioning for other none-paying projects which I know will be good. But nothing paid. No professional work.

It is something I have not learned to deal with yet. That work-less vacuum. The actor’s void where the next pay check might as well be coming from McDonalds. It always seems worse than it is and although I create my own projects to fill that void, paid professional work is what reassures an actor that they are on the right track. A quiet phone is a quiet reminder to the ego that they have not made it yet.

I typically am able to withstand 2 weeks okay now until I feel the familiar depression descend and envelop me. Yesterday I sat around watching films and doing very little to get myself out there, which bummed me out more. I only have one solution to this, which is to go to the gym, and work out until my whole body can’t take another second. I basically punish myself in a good way. It really works, pushing the body to its physical limits. It reawakens pro-activity.

After that I had a pro-production meeting on an upcoming travel project, recorded a podcast and wrote some blog posts. I also remind myself that when the phone does start ringing again, it will ring off the hook. Such is the ebb and flow of an actor’s life.


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