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January 2011 – Week I

Just finished filming my scenes for ‘My Black Mini Dress’. Had a lot of fun on set with the crew. Probably the best shoot I have done so far in Korea.

It was interesting in that, for my first scene they decided they wanted me to ad lib. something in Korean, which would have been fine had they not told me after we did the rehearsal and were due to film the scene in 15 minutes. I think it went okay though, I hope they keep it in the film. The second scene with scrīpted lines also required a little ad lib. section which came out really funny due to the other actors. The kids in the scenes were great. This time, thankfully, the ad lib was all in sweet sweet English, so I don’t perspire and look like a fucking mong trying to remember my lines in a foreign tongue.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

Another thing: I can certainly get used to being chauffeured to and from my house to a shooting in a BMW 5 series.

What is most exciting is that this will be my first ever line in a feature film.

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