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Filming starts today

One of the most exciting times that occurs throughout an actor’s career is the first day of principal photography. It is the culmination of months of pre-production in the West, or in the case of Korea, weeks. I have mentioned it previously, but this is the kid’s show which I will be filming for the next 2 months, in which time we will have recorded 26 episodes. Not as tall an order as it sounds as we will break up recording in to 3-4 episodes a day, doing the music, dances and acting all on separate days, using 3-5 cameras. Its my first production of this kind, very different from the 2 camera film set-up I am familiar with, and almost all with a green screen for this show.

I have actually been on board with this project for 3 weeks, but the scrīpts, music, dance choreography all seem delayed in typically Korean fashion, so that for example tomorrow I have to record 23 different dances which will span the first 7 episodes. I only learned the choreography 3 days ago, and only had 4 hours of actual rehearsals (see previous post). I’ll let you know how that goes.

Today we will film the acting scenes for the first 7 episodes. As ever, the first day of filming is exhilarating and always gets me excited and nervous. The Animal Big Show begins.

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