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Film festivals & screenings, 4 men in a bathroom

With a couple of short films I have done in the last 6 months now doing the rounds, some of them are cropping up in the many film festivals going on around the country. A couple of the stalwart gentlemen in our film maker’s group, namely Edward Burgos and James Williams III have organised a couple of screenings especially for our films in Korea.

Previously we had a couple in Seoul which went down very well, and now more have been organised outside the capital. The next screening will be November 6th in Daejeon. There will be 2 different screenings on the same day. For anybody in the area, see the facebook event page here.

The thing with these festivals and special screenings that I most enjoy is the feedback. Members of the public with no vested interest in the project they are watching can sometimes offer valuable, unbiased opinions. I am really enjoying the feedback on ‘Perfect’ so far because most people don’t get exactly what’s going on during the first viewing, but have been positive still. At the Fantasy Festival last week, I was approached by someone who had just seen it for the 3rd time. That alone is reassuring, because it shows there is a rewatchability to the film. She told me that only after the third viewing did she finally fully understand all the motifs that run through the non-linear 12 minutes.

The director, Mr. Burgos himself has also stated that he feels he may have tried to cram too much information into the 12 minutes, but never-the-less, people seem to enjoy the challenge that our layered and challenging short poses.

It’s most enjoyable to see the directors of these projects reap the compliments after they have worked so hard and long on the projects. As an actor, I come onto a project about a third of the way through it’s life, and leave once it’s about 70% done. The director stays on, editing, doing all necessary post production, whilst the actors have, hopefully, moved on to their next projects and put the previous ones on the back burner. So as an actor to come back to the film completed months before and see it is quite refreshing.

On a side note, I have never wanted to be locked in a bathroom with 4 other men before. That was before I saw this video:

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