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Blue Guide India – my writing debut, India revisited

Many of you may not know this, but after university and before Korea I did 2 things over the span of about 15 months. This was before, of course, I made the ballsy move (which has not fully paid off still yet) of becoming an actor.

The latter thing I did was working as a travel agent, staring every day at the big world map across from me, selling holidays that I wanted to go on to people with more money than me.

In the foothills of the Himalayas

Before that, I went to India for 5 months, lived in a Buddhist monastery in the middle-of-nowhere: Himalayan foothills for almost 2 months and, I wrote a little for a guide book on India for a couple of months.

It is almost 3 years later and that guide book, the ‘Blue Guide India’ is about ready for release.

Now, I would like to quickly note 2 things:

  1. The guide book is respectable and does not try and fail to be cool like LP. It in fact avoids at all costs pandering to lowest common denominator travel. It even avoids mentioning hotels or restaurants unless they have been established for decades. In this way the book gains a timelessness (most guide books are out of date before they have even been printed as hotels or restaurants close down etc.). Blue Guides deal mainly with history, architecture and culture, so will not get outdated, even after a decade.

  2. I wrote just a little (perhaps 10 pages worth). The rest (the whole of India), was tirelessly completed by Sam Miller. An admirable feat of diligence and dedication. It’s not Sam’s first book either, I read ‘ Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity‘ whilst I was in India and was deeply moved by his ability to condense such a complex and rambling city into a coherent, honest and often funny account.

Even though I just volunteered, and did a minuscule amount of work (maybe 0.5%, if that!) it will still be great to see my words in print again. This is my first since July when I was published in The Telegraph. Click here to see that article.

It has been some months since I focused on travel writing, having mainly written screenplays lately. Perhaps I will do some more, a India chronicles perhaps over on my other blog ‘Exile on Brain Street’. My Bollywood experience with Kylie Minogue will make it on to this blog of course. I will not explain that further as it would ruin the suspense.

If you are planning to go to India and want a real guide book, then you can pre-order here. Blue Guide India will be released on November 9th, 2011.

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