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At the Counter test shoot, green screens, DIY film making and warm beer

There has never been a better time than now to be empowered as an amateur film maker and actor. Technology has given us the onus to side-step the gate keepers of the film and television production world. Before, only those who had the power had the right to let you do their film or not. Now, with a decent DSLR camera and a head full of ideas, you can make your own films, your own reel, your own art without waiting.

Whenever I have no official filming projects going on (which is rare at the moment, but will subside over the winter), I don’t just wait around for the phone to ring any more. The worst thing about waiting of course is that you begin to wonder if it willever ring again. I have about 5 different projects that I’m working on in between the professional shoots.

One of my projects that is currently in the filming process is going to be shot entirely on green screen. This increasingly common technology is being used simply by learning how to use an editing program correctly and buying a roll of green or blue fabric, taping it to one wall of a room in your house and buying some soft box lights. The lights can be a little pricey, but rentals and second hand are not that bad.

At The Counter is a simple idea in essence. A bartender’s perspective of a number of different altercations which take place at his bar. Although we never see the barman, we see the clientele in a number of 1-2 minute dialogues. It’s the brain child of Frenchie Aurelien Laine (see top photo), and so far our test shoot was a blast, although it did take about 2 hours to get the test shoot done for all my trying to put him off. He did an admirable job of ignoring me. You can see that promo video soon. Check out his Production Site here.

Importantly, it’s another chance to learn by doing. I like to get involved with what’s going on behind the camera, might even try to direct an episode. I have written 5 episodes for the show as well as another 2 currently under the pen. And of course acting with freedom to choose characters and build on my learning is always great.

Once we have shot about 10 episodes, the plan is then to release them onto Youtube; 2 per week for about 6 months, thus building up a following. It’s an unparalleled chance to learn by doing, to expand into new creative areas, and of course to fill in those gig-less gaps in the acting schedule.

We finished filming the first 5 last week and had a nice little toast. The only downside, we forgot to keep the beer refrigerated. Still, warm beer is better than no beer.

Please check back as I will post episodes here as soon as we begin to release them next month.

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