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Company Trip

Last weekend, my company organized D&D to celebrate the 32nd Anniversary at Batam, Indonesia. It was my first trip to Batam. I'm so clumsy that almost forget to bring my passport :p luckily my colleague text me before i step out of my house~! These are the beach and chalet of Batam.

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desperate wish

The building in the middle of the picture is my office building.. This is part of the route that i have to walk every working days. Whenever i'm almost late to work, exactly at the same spot which can see the building from far, i'll always think of so...Read more

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aww...cigarette cover

GoOoshhhh!!!!! Thats the most outstanding cigarette package i ever seen! I noticed it when i had lunch with my colleagues..argh..spoilt my appetite~! So i asked my colleagues, don't they feel disguested of the pictures ohh..and it aso quite expensive. They told me just close one eyes lorr hahaha most of the girls will have a nice and lovely cigarette holders/box so once they bought the packet, immediately transfer it. Hmm..so the government's advice and policy still does not stop them to quit smoking Read more

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HK Bands

Wow..Through this site, I've found alot of talented bands/musicians in Hong Kong~! Thanks to all the videos and links uploaded here ~!Since the era of "Beyond", we hardly heard of any bands over here (Malaysia & Singapore) Their news and songs just seldom airred here which is quite disappointing. Maybe it could be the media...they are more interested with the "commercialized songs / k songs". Okay.. i do enjoy those songs too but if we could hear more different types of songs then it could be much more better. We do reall...Read more

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Hi everyone,

I started to join alivenotdead was when Alive released their songs. I think their songs are pretty cool so check it out in their website :) Before they form the Alive band, i have already like to watch Daniel Wu and Andrew Lin's performance as in movie and drama! They are really cool and talented. That day i watched Andrew's showreel...Awesome!!

This actually my first and only blog, so if you guys find it not so interesting please forgive me...I'm pretty bad at expressing myself.. but i love to read blog...Read more

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Justin~! He's also one of my favourite artist~! He's talented, amazing vocal, great songs and cute hhehehe That's the second time I saw his performance... The first time was Leo&Miriam concert where Justin was the guest appearance~! Gosh..He's amazing~!

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It must be a superb concert ('',) She got her own style, attitude and i love her songs. Finally she's back with good songs like MI and  爱情万岁.

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