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Company Trip

Last weekend, my company organized D&D to celebrate the 32nd Anniversary at Batam, Indonesia. It was my first trip to Batam. I'm so clumsy that almost forget to bring my passport :p luckily my colleague text me before i step out of my house~! These are the beach and chalet of Batam.

The schedule kinda packed..After lunch we had telematch..yea under the hot sun, we gotta run up and down but fun. The theme for our dinner was 'Journey of thousands tales". Beforehand, we had to draw a fairytales' character and dress up according on that night. The only guy wearing shirt in the picture is my boss. He's a very nice and approachable boss.

here i am with a 'drunk angel'. By not wanting to waste any money, he used his room's bedsheets to wrap up himself and i took the pillow case as an apron :P

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Wow Batam looks amazing, I wanna go and meet drunk angel =P
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
looks like fun!
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