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Pauline Yoon

Laoag, Philippines

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Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I guess they don't have store room..

my hotel room

vietnamese coffee..

famous beef noodle.. yummy

Ho Chi Minh

Its not hat, its helmet

5 types of flowers and seafood steamboat


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Amazing Hong Kong

My favourite snack~!!

Temple Street

Love the scenery

Lovely pandas~!!!!!!!!!!


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The Royal Palace, Kingdom of Cambodia

The Royal Palace is the principal residence of their Majesties the King and the Queen and the royal family. Most of the buildings include magnificent sculptures and are characterized by many tiered roofs and topped by towers which are symbols of prosperity.

The Royal Palace is regarded as symbol of the whole nation and all the pavillions are adorned and painted yellow and white. The Yellow represents Buddhism and the white represents Brahmanism.

Preah Tineang Tevea Vinichhay (The Throne Hall) is a great establishment founded in vivid Khmer architecture.It was built in 1917.  It is used for various purposes including the royal coronation ceremony, formal receptions to distinguished guest and etc

The stairway is guarded with Naga figures having many heads.

This building is used to keep the royal musical instruments and utensils for the use in the royal coronation procession.

The pavilion of Napoleon III. This pavilion was originally erected in Ismailia for French Empress Eugenie during the inaguration of the Suez Canal in 1869. Today it is an art gallery of oil paitings, photos and other valuable art objects.

It is the permanant residence of their Majesties The King and the Queen.

View from the Throne Hall

The wall

Stupa of their Majesties King Suramarit

Sanctuary of Princess Norodom

Holy water

Gold Flowers

The white Elephants

Traditionally way of making silk

Traditional house

The local music instruments

The murals painting on the wall to describe the images of the daily lives of Cambodian people during the Oudong period until the present day, showing the standard of living of the people in some areas of the Kingdom of Cambodia

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Penang, Malaysia

Kuan Yin Temple - 208 years old

Legend of guarding Stone Lion statue

World War Days of Fortress

World War Look Out Tower

Thats my school - Convent Light Street. The first girls school in Malaysia and Singapore

Terra-cotta rooftops in Georgetown, Penang

Kek Lok Si Temple. The biggest temple in Malaysia

The Ferry

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Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok International Airport

soooo huge...

shopping mall

night market


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Pictures of Central Market

Central Market, Phnom Penh. A very unique architecture and despite the hot weather outside,  you'll suprisingly  feel cool inside.

Inside the Central Market, they have all sort of goods. From watches to jade

and even......

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shocking experience..

I went to check out a new bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with a few of my colleagues. It was a nice with good interiors. While enjoying the music, a guy started to create problem when they handed him the bill. He started to fight with the waiter and the security took him out of the bar. Then few minutes later, we heard around 5 gun shots!!! It was my first time hear the real gun shots!! I was so shocked and dare not peep at the window to see what happen. I don't know what happen next.. we just called our driver and send us back.... scaaarrry...

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Phnom Penh and Bavet

The Casino+Hotel+Restaurant in Phnom Penh

One of the temple

The hotel that i stayed - Cambodiana Hotel

The Mekong River

Pool side

The shopping centre

The lady preparing the food.. erm....

USD 1 per bottle

looks so unstable

At the ferry terminal

They do sell that...

The ferry

One of the casinos near Cambodia/Vietnam border, called Bavet. In one street, there are 7casinos and building 5more. So in Bavet only have casinos and one hypermarket. Thats it.

Another one...

and hawkers food... that not many foreigners dare to eat..

Phnom Penh Airport

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