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gloomy week

Two nights ago, I've finally learned that a friend who has disappeared quite often, not returning my messages etc has been extremely ill.  He has told me he wasn't feeling well about a month ago when I went to Singapore where he lives and I ended up not able to find him during the few days I was in town.  Finally, from the horse's mouth, he has confessed to me that he has been battling lymphatic cancer and he went through all the treatments and chemos that can be done.  Unfortunately, the doctors say there really isn't much can be...Read more

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finally fighting the bad economy

finally seems like the world is starting to move again.  after a quiet spell of jobs and projects june rolls around and we are now juggling a few projects on hand for july, august and september.  also, my business partner and i will finally start collaborating on the story line and details for our much forgotten movie.  originally we were suppose to go to inner mongolia to start the shooting of a new movie, but that sorta go away, so now we are taking our fate into our own hands, writing and producing our own story for a movi...Read more

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try again!

Ok..here I go...my last attempt.  I will give it one more shot!  Just to showcase a bit of my life and work for the past 6 months....economy is down, my computers went down....it is depressing.

But I guess when you reach a low point, the only way to go is UP, so hopefully that's where we will all go after this.

Keeping my heads held up high and a positive outlook.  We cannot let ourselves down!

Top Male Model Rock Ji from Beijing

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a bit peeved

some of you might have wondered why i have not updated my blog here...

but for some reason i do not know why...i've been trying to put entries in here

loaded with exciting photos........but the entries never seem to get published.

whenever i press publish entry...it just hangs there....in limbo......i have tried a few times

and twice i have spent like almost an hour picking through the photos and uploading them

and twice my entries did not get published.

as a result, i have decided to stop writ...Read more

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life is frail

Recently I got a call from the God-daughter of my nanny......nanny? I hear you all asking!  Yes....I was fortunate enough to grow up with a nanny up until I was almost 8 years old.  For the first 5 or 6 years, actually I was closer to her than to my own mother.  I still have vague memories of crying outside the door of our bathroom as my Nanny took her bath...I slept with her whenever I was frightened or just plain couldn't get to sleep.  She was actually family to all of us.  Her ties with our family actually goes back to my grand-parents&...Read more

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Madonna, birthdays, and best wishes

Recently I was back in Vancouver visiting my family and ole friends and of course since Madge was in town doing her world tour, I really had to go!  It was the first time she's been in Vancouver....after all these years and if we were in the same city at the same time, it was fate that we should at least meet.....not meet face to face, but she way way up there on the stage and me way way down there in my seat.  But mind you, I was up and dancing away from the moment the music intro started that evening.  It was incredi...Read more

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double crossed

i always find it hard to accept the fact that friends one has gotten to know many years can one day for no reason turn around and stab you in the back...and you start wondering....what have i done to deserve this....quoting the pet shop boys.  and why do people turn on you behind your back but on the outside, still act as if nothing has happened..it is frightening because you will not know what the person will do to you again behind your back.  others tell me not to worry about it because really, i cannot be hurt much more then just getting a ...Read more

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Too many friends' birthday parties, dinners and lunches recently.......almost feels rediculous to be attending them everyday and night. But last night, went to 3 parties of a different sort. First started out at IFC Cuisine Cuisine for the Prato Fashion Show hosted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce with Gaile at the helm of the show..... Then after a quick bite, rushed out to Shaw Studios out in Tseung Kwan O for the Dsquare opening show and party......missed the show cuz we ate too slow, but bumped into a few friends whom I haven't s...Read more

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sneaky peeks

here's a sneaky peek at some of the stuff we've been playing around with lately.....will have another shoot this coming Saturday with Gaile.  Post those on when we are done.......

Please be nice to the photos...as they are un-retouched....so many flaws in skin, lighting etc will need to be fixed before they can be published anywhere........

<...Read more

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Insignificant recluse

ever feel insignificant and just wanna hide away from the world?  lately i've fallen into that state of mind.  after beeing busy for so many weeks with a whirlwind of projects and work...now that it has relatively quiet down a bit, giving myself a chance to sit down and catch my breath...and pretty soon my mind wanders and i start think about all the things that are missing in my life right now apart from work....then i start think about how insignificant i feel...a feeling that would periodically surface.  i guess i have too much t...Read more

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