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平面设计师, 凋刻家, 玩具/凋塑设计师
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About Patrick Chow

Founder of G999 and served as character designer with a focus on Ball Joint Doll design. Ball-Joint Doll Teacher of [Hong Kong Art School].

Dedicated to the development of the creative and design industry in Hong Kong; G999 is actively promoting,Product Producing and distributing many local designer brands.

In 2003, I've designed and created a line of cartoon characters called‘We Are Human Being’ as well as a line of assassin characters called‘10K’, which was known for its unique contours and shapes.

In 2005, G999 started organizing and hosting exhibitions and quickly established its presence with many local and foreign designers and brands. Amongst the many exhibitions hosted by G999 included “Sex is”, an exhibition jointly sponsored by local designers and international brand Durex,“Our Happy Tree Friends Exhibition (2005)”, sponsored by renowned cartoon characters from the US, Happy Tree Friends.

In 2006, I started studying the design and manufacturing techniques of Ball Joint Dolls, hoping to further promote the popularity of Ball Joint Dolls in Hong Kong. My designs have been exhibited in prominent exhibitions such as the Comic Book ART IDOL 2007 (Ball-Joint Devilman) and the Toy2r 10”QEE D.I.Y. Project: Bart Simpson Art Exhibition 2007 (Ball-Joint Bart Simpson). 真。TO-FU DEVILROBOTS

Patrick Chow 為“G999”創辦人(身兼球体關節人形師),[香港藝術學院] - 球体關節人形導師。

G999致力推動香港創意工業, 範圍包括 - 為本地原創設計師及藝術家舉行展覽, 市場推廣,產品制作及銷售.

2003年開始創作卡通人物We Are Human Being及外形獨特的殺手團隊 - 10K.於2005年開辦G999藝術展覽館, 曾為多位香港及海外知名的設計師及品牌舉辦藝術展覽. 例如: 與一眾香港設計師及知名品牌杜蕾斯(Durex) 的“Sex is” Exhibition (2005), 與美國人氣卡通片Happy Tree Friends舉辦的”Our Happy Tree Friends Exhibition” (2005), 等等…..

2006年開始, 開始鑽研球体關節人形製作技術, 希望可以在香港推動製作球体關節人形的文化. 曾參展的球体關節人形作品有: 球体關節惡魔人 (動漫ART IDOL 2007)及Ball-Joint - Bart。Simpson (Toy2r 10” QEE D.I.Y. Project: Bart Simpson Art Exhibition 2007). 真。TO-FU 球体關節人形 Devilrobots.


Exhibitions where G999 has organized:

Dribbling Toys Exhibition (2005) Sex is"Exhibition (2005) Creative Bomb (作品徵集) (2005) Boring Exhibition (The Exhibition of Boredomsqueezer) (2005) Our Happy Tree Friends Exhibition (2005) Our BLOODY Happy Tree Friends Exhibition @ LCX (2005) Twist Your Attitude Exhibition (2005) Arnaud Pages’ Kiss My Art Exhibition (2005) Molly @ Kubrick APM Exhibition (2007) We Love Molly Photo Exhibition (2007) [Devilrobots] SIS TO-FU MEETS HONG KONG Exhibition (2007)

Patrick Chow 曾參予展出的展覽:

Exhibitions Patrick Chow have participated:

“Sex is” Exhibition (2005) Our Happy Tree Friends (2005) Our Bloody Happy Tree Friends Exhibition @ LCX (2005) Husky Robot “Change” Figure Exhibition (2005) My XFUNSer 國際創意設計邀請展 (2006台灣) Hong Kong Game Fair -動漫ART IDOL (2006) Nanospore Customs Exhibition (2006台灣) Hong Kong Game Fair -動漫ART IDOL (2007) Toy2r 10" QEE D.I.Y. Project: Bart Simpson Art Exhibition (2007美國) [Devilrobots] SIS TO-FU MEETS HONG KONG Exhibition (2007)


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