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maki sugimoto

in my life...

I am at the turningpoint in my life.

umm....what am I gonna do?

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His new movie

His new movie"愛你一萬年" It show in August. 仔仔changed cheerful by this movie. The poster which saved a mustache, and with white shoes, wear a pink suit. A heroine.Is she a Japanese? I look forward to show this movie in Japan.

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I went to Sanzenin temple (三千院)in Kyoto with AnD Osaka members(radwynn koko930 cocoa)

There is a long way from the center of Kyoto.

At first....

Today's Spanish lunch !   “スペイン炭火料理  EL FOGON

delicious,very good!!   I drink beer from the lunch time.


We went by bus from Demachiyanagi to Ohara.

The fresh green in the clear sky was beautiful to my eyes.

green tea & Yokan(sweet adzuki bean jelly paste)

This is a raccoon dog of famous 信楽焼.I don't know why it is put here.

Cat take a nap.

I enjoyed a beautiful garden to the full.

There is the Jakkoin temple (寂光院)in the neighborhood.

We went to there, but closed it.

What do you do?

We tried to take the pics of the other side of the gate.


We ate light supper in a cafe at night...while listening to wonderful music.

radwynn,Thank you for your guide in Kyoto.

Thank you for all of you.

I had very happy day.


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Hong Kong

I go to Hong Kong from tomorrow. I stay in the hotel of the Causeway Bay for four nights. If you find me, say to me “Hi!”.


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Merry Christmas! !

Merry Christmas! ! MyfavoriteChristmassong. ****


Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

John Lennon



Last Christmas  Wham



All I Want For Christmas Is You   Mariah Carey



Feels Like Christmas   Cyndi Lauper

This song is my most favorite song and always sang in Christmas.



Wishing all of you the very best of the Christmas season.



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Love Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi released the 11th new album "The Circle" this month.






I love Bon Jovi for 17 years.

It was "Cross Road Tour" in Nishinomiya Stadium on May 16 of the Great Hanshin Earthquake year 14 years ago that I watched their performance for the first time.

They chose Nishinomiya Stadium as a concert place to encourage the people who encountered a disaster. They performed a special show for us.

I heard "In These Arms", and tears came. .....because this song is the most favorite song. Thereafter I go for their Live concert every time.



World Tour of "The Cercle" will be start at the next year.

I look forward to it.



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love it?

love it?I went to fan event of VIC today. VIC appeared in the front.... I forgot that I loved him.... until the moment!!!

So I love him again when I watched him before eyes!!!

I support & love him eternally from now on.

Thank you VIC!!!!

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Thanks AnD!!!

I did shopping in AnD for the first time. It is hat and zip hoody. A hat arrived today.

It is very cute. I looks forward to arriving the next item (a zip hoody )from AnD!!!


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My favorite place“鹿島”

If you go to Ehime in Japan, I introduce my recommendation spot that don't appear to a guidebook.  It is small island, Kashima ( 鹿島).

Kashima is a small island of circumference 2km island where a wild deer inhabits.

You may meet with a wild deer, too.

It is three minutes from Hojo Port to the island by ship.

"Taimeshi 鯛飯(the boiled rice with minced bream meat)"of the Ota-ya hotel in there is very delicious.

It is a wonderful place to be able to eat a delicious dish and looking at the leisurely sea.





太田屋独自の味付けで炊き上げた 『鯛めし』は、一度食べてみる価値あり


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A beautiful bride.

Sawajiri Erika who is a Japanese actress married today.

She is a very beautiful bride.



So happy~~

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