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in my life...

I am at the turningpoint in my life.

umm....what am I gonna do?

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His new movie

His new movie"愛你一萬年" It show in August. 仔仔changed cheerful by this movie. The poster which saved a mustache, and with white shoes, wear a pink suit. A heroine.Is she a Japanese? I look forward to show this movie in Japan.

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I went to Sanzenin temple (三千院)in Kyoto with AnD Osaka members(radwynn koko930 cocoa)

There is a long way from the center of Kyoto. Read more

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Hong Kong

I go to Hong Kong from tomorrow. I stay in the hotel of the Causeway Bay for four nights. If you find me, say to me “Hi!”.


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Merry Christmas! !

Merry Christmas! ! MyfavoriteChristmassong. ****


Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

John Lennon


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Love Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi released the 11th new album "The Circle" this month.




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love it?

love it?I went to fan event of VIC today. VIC appeared in the front.... I forgot that I loved him.... until the moment!!!

So I love him again when I watched him before eyes!!!

I support & love him eternally from now on.

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Thanks AnD!!!

I did shopping in AnD for the first time. It is hat and zip hoody. A hat arrived today.

It is very cute. I looks forward to arriving the next item (a zip hoody )from AnD!!!

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My favorite place“鹿島”

If you go to Ehime in Japan, I introduce my recommendation spot that don't appear to a guidebook.  It is small island, Kashima ( 鹿島).

Kashima is a small island of circumference 2km island where a wild deer inhabits.

You may meet with a wild deer, too. Read more

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A beautiful bride.

Sawajiri Erika who is a Japanese actress married today.

She is a very beautiful bride.


Video: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=1aYd2AK4lc0 Read more

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I'm from Osaka in Japan. My favorite:F4(ZaiZai), and to eat a delicious food. I love drinking. I love ♡Beer!!


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October 20, 2008