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learned a lesson









theres really something out of control, hopefully one day people would realise and understand 

hopefully one day people would know how much I cared, and how disappointed I was at the first place

If one ever think that I am not guilty. thats the biggest mistake

because I am. I felt terrible putting something important to me at risk.

It is so hard for me to support something against me

afterall, at least I did not intentional...Read more

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sometimes love can turn you around.











some people just love to lie to themselves

some people believes love should be naked.


which one are you


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Questions being answered





See, things change in light speed.

few days ago I was still struggling with my career path,

now everything is set.

currently m working on a new HK local movie Sweet 16, directed by Wong Chen Chen


please go check out, casting stage now if anyone interested to appear in the movie lemme know :)

After this project, I will be working as an art teacher in an art cen...Read more

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Life. Fate. Luck








recently I have been lost, confused, unconscious. in every aspect

been wondering, is that my fate, my life, or my luck

how can all these happened to me.

I just want an ordinary life, the more I want, the more extraordinary it is.

things change so fast and people can change faster

something is chasing me, a shadow is chasing me, my conscious is chasing my unconscious 

sometimes I just have to stop running and confront the real...Read more

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Halloween 2010 in HongKong











After 4 years finally I spent a year in HongKong on a Halloween day. my favourite festival since we can all dress up and disguise ourselves into someone else.

Just one day. 'Not myself tonight'



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Bleu foncé


One day a girl gets up in the morning and decided to make a film.

so she wandered around Hong Kong city and finds out the world is in blue, bleu fonce

A short film directed by me :)


some stills

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Promoting artist: Leslie Lachiche featuring Zimbahla Jewelry line







I have been helping a French artist Leslie Lachiche with her art works promotion

here are some pictures I have taken for her sometime ago.

she has one of the most inspiring paintings

feel free to go check out her site :)




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mine, my life







Life should be simpler 

Try appreciate more and judge less about others.

thats when you deserve a good life..



to my surprise theres something never changed, no matter how hard I try to look on the bright side

pure still pure/black still black



and I dont mind stay the same.


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recent me.











too many things happened these days. only back to HK for almost two months, it seems like I have been back for ages already.

things are pretty much set and too much ups and downs.


first of all, my bestfriend is married :D

I am tooooooooo happy for her, cant wait to the baby and the official wedding <3

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about a month later.

one month ago I told myself to blog about 'one month later, how's it gonna be'

and apparently I was too busy to blog so I postponed it to few days later, but at least I still remember that :P

anyway, as expected, I am rushing there and there since I got back to HK.

but I dont think I am busy enough, although I have several plans in a day, I feel like I can do a lot more than this.

I am too demanding on myself.

at the beginning I was so not used to the pace in HK,

seriously all I...Read more

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