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New drawing! This is a remake drawing based on a classic Hong Kong movie called Prison on Fire (監獄風雲), which was filmed in 1987, starring Chow Yun Fat (周潤發). (And of course, this was long before Chow Yun Fat made his first Hollywood debut and became an international movie star.)

This drawing features his famous quote in the movie "Just because I'm talking loud doesn't mean I'm impolite, AHH SIIRRRRR!!". "Ah Sir" (yes, along with "Ah" instead of "Sir" alone) is a term we Cantonese speakers use to address certain people from the authority, for instance, a policeman or a teacher. In this scene, Chow Yun Fat is fronting a jailer who has been picking on him throughout the movie, which is why he looks so angry.

Check out the original sketch and read more about the story on my art blog.

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Halloween drawing and oil painting practices

"She was always told she had beautiful eyes."A drawing I did for Halloween. (I'm simply obsessed with eyes.) I didn't get to color it in time (If I do, it'll take forever I know.)I'll try to put some time into coloring this later on. Also I've been learning to paint with oils the past few weeks.Just some practices here :) For more, please visit my art blog with Kensou: Until next time~!

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New drawing: Hanging the Goat Head and more...

Ahhh yes! I'm a bit proud of myself that I didn't spend forever on this drawing this time, because I usually do :P

I call this illustration "掛羊頭 (Hanging up a goat's head)", originating from the Chinese saying "掛羊頭, 賣狗肉", which literally means " to hang up a goat's head and sell dog meat". Most Chinese people should be familiar with this saying, which basically means " to try to palm off something inferior to what it purports to be". (Thank you, Google dictionary.) I came up with this concept because of how the local "(young/underaged) model" industry has become these past few years. It has come to a point where it's like, whatever it is that needs to be advertised, whether it be a model agency or an online game or whatever, just put out a seductive young girl wearing skimpy outfits showing off their "assets" if ya know what I mean (not to mention all these gossip magazine with perverted covers and ridiculously bad taste) ... when in fact, it's an open secret that what is being "sold" is actually no different from softcore pornography. If you live in Hong Kong, you should know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. It's not that I'm necessarily against the trend (although I wish those people would be less hypocritical about it sometimes), I'm simply putting it out here.

I used a reference picture of Chrissie Chau ( 周秀娜) for the drawing. (Again, not particularly targeted at her, but those pictures of her brushing her teeth are just too classic to pass on haha)

See some closeups and original sketch and PRINT and iphone/ipod skins info on my art blog.

Also I previously added a new portrait drawing to my album.

Again, for full view and more please visit my blog.

Last but not least, I'm proud to present to you my print store on Society6. I will use my account there to try to start selling merchandise there from now on! :) So stay tuned!!

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I like drawing celebrities :)

Just a quick sketch I did last night. Can you guess the celebrity? Click to enlarge. Answer is down below :D(Ans: It's Rihanna! haha   by the way, I'm not a big fan of her outfit...)On the other hand, here's a sketch Kevin did sometime last year. I happened to come across it and colored a little bit, and finally yesterday I felt like finishing it off...a year later lol This was outlined with marker pen (I believe) by Kevin, and water soluble color pencils by me. To check out more, please go to my group blog with Kevin/Kensou, which we dedicate to straight art+works in progress+sketches.

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Collages of sketches from 2009 + 2010

Ok, let's kick started!

The above is a small drawing I did when I was bored at work back in January. Done with marker pens. And this is just a compilation I made from a bunch of random sketches I did in late 2009.Please click to view in full size!

To see more, please check out my art blog with Kevin/Kensou!! We are trying to update there as often as possible, so stay tuned!!

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hello alivenotdead! here i am :)

Hello everyone! My name is Olivia, and I'm new here  I'm a graphic artist/illustrator that resides in Hong Kong. The reason why I joined this community is that there seems to be quite many Hong Kong-based artists on this website. I just thought it would be a good way to connect with them here. Anyway, I shall start uploading some images of my art and kick started pretty soon. SO! Any stranger that happens to stumble upon my profile, please, please, please stay tuned! Until then, peace!

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