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We are making a cool Star Wars Fan Film!We have already filmed at the original locations in Tunisia. Help us make 'Smuggler's Run!'We have 24 days left to raise the money.To see our trailer follow this link: is Star Wars Fan Film Smuggler's Run?Smuggler's Run is a Star Wars inspired fan film that is in production right now.The project is written and directed by Oliver Thompson.We have already filmed key scenes on location in Tunisia and Turkey.Is Smuggler's Run an Official Lucasfilm Ltd or Disney project?Of course we would love to work with Lucasfilm Ltd and Disney! However Smuggler's Run is NOT an official Star Wars project. It is a (non-profit) fan film made by fans for fans, every thing we are doing is inspired by George lucas' Star Wars. (All rights related to the Star Wars universe are the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Disney and the other registered owners).What is Smuggler's Run about?Our short film is set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. We will explore the more brutal and sinister characters within the Star Wars universe.We will follow Bounty hunters, smugglers and the Empire in their hunt for the last remnant of the Jedi archives. A small holocron that can change the fate of the Galaxy...What is the Director's vision for Smuggler's Run?The plan is to make a dramatic story that will thrill fans of Star Wars. Smuggler's run will be a mix of drama and action.We want our project to look like Star Wars. Smuggler's Run will look professional, but we are making every thing happen on a small budget. We have great actors lined up. We will be using HD Camera's and best props and costumes we can afford. We are actually making our own masks for that authentic look.We have already filmed at the original locations at Tozeur and Matmata in Tunisia. We have also filmed scenes at Cappadocia in Turkey and plan to shoot additional scenes in Hong Kong!We are very excited about 'Smuggler's Run' and hope you will be too!

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The Dark Age Post Production Campaign


We are running an online fundraising campaign to help us finish our short film The Dark Age.

To find out more and see our trailer please follow this link:****


The Dark Age is a post apocalyptic short film written and directed by Oliver J Thompson. The story follows a few dramatic hours in the lives of three very different individuals. They live in the overgrown ruins of our civilization. 

Every day is a struggle and they must resort to desperate measures to survive.



We have completed all of our principal photography with our three amazing actors, Rodney Wong, Daniella Down and Warren Laker. We have filmed for 5 days on location in both Thailand and Hong Kong.

Thanks to our crew, Cassandra Chan, Dominic Yip, Marc Oberdorfer, Hiromi Naka, Nicola Culican, Nicole Russo and Gary Gibbons.

A special thank you to all our previous supporters! 


We are now looking to raise 2300 usd to finish the post production on our short film. We will use that money to pay for special effects, a high quality grade on a DaVinci Resolve grading system and an original musical score by the fantastic composer Gary Gibbons at worldwormstudios.




Please donate to our cause if you can. If you want to help us in another way, please tell everyone you know about us and our Indiegogo campaign, use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any other way you can think of.





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Hi Guys My big news for November 2011 is we have finally finished our Sci Fi short film 'The Fornax Void'.Take a look, you can see it on vimeo... video Making 'The Fornax Void' can be seen on youtube too...[![](/attachments/2011/12/01/00/374519_201112010014391.thumb.jpg)](/ videos were made for a tiny budget (400usd) and with a small crew. Just want to say a big thank you to all the team, we could not have done this without you.We hope to make Fornax Void part 2 early next year.But before that I plan to shoot another short film 'The Dark Age'. It's a story about three very different characters crossing paths in a post apocalyptic future.It's going to be gripping and edgey!We are going to raise the bar on this one in every way!We are running a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo, if you want to help us make it happen please go to... give anything you feel you can.Video: the bestOllie

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Hi everyone, I am a filmmaker and scriptwriter.  I also edit and shoot too.I am very keen to meet and collaborate with highly motivated friendly people with a passion for films and visual arts.I have previously worked on all kinds of projects including news, documentaries, children's TV and features, I have experience in just about every aspect of filmmaking, but I am always learning.Check out this link to find out about a new kid's show that I am involved withStartFragment In addition I continue to freelance internationally and am currently shooting the second of four new short films. I am also writing a new feature film script.  Wish me luck!If you would like assistance with your projects or would just like chat about films feel free to give me a shout.All the bestOllie Thompson

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Oliver has freelanced for many clients including HBO, Al Jazeera, Fox News and Nat Geo. He was also a Project Co-ordinator on the cartoon Shelldon. His key skil ...Read more

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