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Do you like dubstep, drum and bass, house, electro, trance or garage? Do you love the sound of a bassline with a few heavy drums to complement it

Look no further than Fireflyer Music. Our new blog, launched just a couple of months ago has already grown a lot. We provide you the latest tracks in all electronic genres, often with free downloads added too! Learn all about the newest DJs, Producers and up and coming artists. We offer the artists and ask they submit their work to be featured on the blog!

There are loads of mixes on their too! Hopefully because the blog grows we'll attract some big named DJs in to the mix! Drum and Bass radio is yet another thing we're looking at! Would you like to listen to dnb from dusk till dawn? Maybe we could setup and internet radio station for you personally lot to hear.

We started as 2 guys who were obsessed with electro house, drum n bass and dubstep, trying to curate all the latest tracks into one place. I was both DJs and had an ear for tunes, but we kept sharing things with each other on Facebook and Twitter however it all got rather tiresome after a while. We wondered why there wasn’t one place we'd visit hear the latest tracks, download the latest mixes, find out about artists and get some free downloads on this page. There are loads of great music blogs available but none of them of them gave us what we should wanted. After about 2 minutes deliberating we were decided and Fireflyer Music was born!

House Music Blog

Inside a few hours the blog was up. Several dubstep tracks later and we started a Twitter account, a Facebook page, then a Google+ account and the ball just kept rolling.

Now we are asking you to join us. We are looking for new writers if you're thinking about contributing. We are a community based site and that we want individuals to come and relish the music. If you are a dubstep head then get the latest dubstep tunes, mixes and free downloads from our Dubstep blog. If you need an electro mix then head over to our home blog and take a peek. Please don’t forget to leave some comments and obtain involved in the community! If you want to be involved email submissions@fireflyermusic.com for more information on becoming a writer.

For the latest Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electro House, Funky House, Techno and Breaks check out Fireflyer Music Blog. The only blog you're ever have to!

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