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Fitness Myths Busted Part 2

Health Myth #2: Jogging on a treadmill puts less stress on your knee jointsSprinting"Running is a fantastic exercise, but it really could affect your joints -- but because it is the pressure of your body weight on your joints that causes the tension, it's the same regardless of whether you might be on a treadmill or on asphalt," says Todd Schlifstein, DO, a clinical instructor at New York University Medical Center's Rusk Institute.Simplest way to decrease knee impact, says Schlifstein, is always to vary your workout."If you combine jogging along with other cardio activities, such as an elliptical exercise machine, or you ride a stationary bike, you certainly will lessen strain on your knee joints so it is possible to jog for countless more years," says Schlifstein.Yet again we have shattered another exercise myth!To get similar articles or blog posts look at websites like these: top health and fitness guidelines

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We Bust The Fitness Myths

It's likely that if you ever read fitness content articles on the net then you've probably been misinformed or read something that is factually incorrect. We're here to bust those myths!Health Myth #1: You Gained Lbs of Fat This WeekendYou will be pretty stunned that it's not that easy to put on weight, it will take an excess of 3500 calories for your body to put on 1lb of fat. Healthy FoodIf you've just had a heavier than usual weekend and are worried about what the scale will say Monday morning then try to not to panic too much!The first thing to do is not to worry because this really is good news - getting rid of the water retention is the easy part and a simple tweak in your diet will help. You will have to drink more water (yes, more water!) as well as decrease whenever possible the salt and carbohydrates in your diet for a little while. The fat gain will need a bit more hard work and will involve you to eat less than maintenance calories, along with some cardio to burn extra calories and get you back to your previous weight.While we don’t advise you over indulge EVERY weekend, it's good now and then to have a ‘cheat meal’. Doing so can actually provide your body a kick start to shed more weight, as if you have been on a calorie deficient weight loss diet then your body naturally goes in to starvation mode and it gets tougher to lose weight, by overloading it with high calorie foods it can quite often result in improved weight reduction.For similar articles or blog posts check out as well as supplements check out

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As this is my very first post, I will take the time to say thanks to you for visiting and finding out about my website!

Ideally this part will provide you with a better understanding of who I am.

My day job is a fitness expert, but to unwind I really like to create articles and perhaps someone will find the articles I write some-what beneficial.

Most of the clients I work with would like to gain muscle and this is my area of expertise which I will reveal to you guys and girls. Thanks for reading and keep checking back for more content.

While I had been looking for somewhere to post my content I set up my very own internet site which you'll find

Hopefully this blog will transform in to a good source of educational articles or blog posts that will keep you coming back for more. The aim is to supply helpful info to assist you guys along with your fitness and training.

So that's my first post and the introduction done, next up will be an article I hope you find useful. Thank you for reading and I hope you return soon.

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