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Nina Xining Zuo - Best Actress Award Winner - imdb.me/ninaxiningzuo

Nina Xining Zuo was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Chosen as a hostess for various youth programs for city TV & radio stations during teenager years, because she could read, write & speak Mandarin Chinese at the broadcasting level. Came to the United States to study International Marketing and received her Bachelor's Degree from U.T.A Business School. Hired by Macy's in Seattle & soon broke the company's sales records. Left to work with Microsoft in Public Relati...Read more

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The Many Faces of Nina Xining Zuo:https://youtu.be/xDvmupXQ_x8

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my heart belongs to Daddy!

99 birthday star - Daddy, our star Daddy!

a private celebration but these image were captured by fate, universally meaningful - I got permission to publish these from daddy's loving & open minded son.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Exactly the way I see and live my life. Some of my earth friends said to me of being a little flexible, since I am perceived as a bazaar alien by a lot humans, i respond to them, English says either my way or highway. In universe, let us rephrase it, either my way or MILKY way.

Fuck is an living art, do it wrong even vast fortune and fame can not save you happiness anymore, but when you breath in your term, your soul will dance with you ultimately to the end.

no desire to express anything anymore, the art piece like this help me to achieve total peace - the artists like Ed Harris, Gary Oldman have expressed everything to the world through Beethoven's music, the feel between father & daughter, between master artist & their muse, between every soul ......

no desire to express anything anymore by knowing the artists like Ed Harris, Gary Oldman have expressed everything to the world.

1 with love puppy doggy, he always lean against me closes his eyes 1 after an audition put mask on face 1 happy relaxing weekend 1 love beautiful California sunshine

thanks our director - greg morgan for granting me first IMDB English speaking credit for his upcoming film - the boat man, thanks for showing me the lead actor's performance in editing room, what a powerful actor, a few minutes of his performance has influenced all my latest auditions.

a person, a person with a cell phone tool, a person's puppy love & under nature - a surreal late summer night in LA......


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