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April MOP!

As crazy as it sounds, I wrote and compose this song, and making the MV,for my personal satisfaction...being surrounded by plastic in this industry ( not all,off course...)...its more fun and satisfying to be the person behind the scenes...http://www.quintoniokalalo.com/ninabackackWHEN GOD CLOSES A ...Read more

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My first chapter of randomness

Be bold,and you can go anywhere in the world... Be overly prudent...and you can hardly take one step forward...Years ago...I killed the Dark Knight in me , I choose to be the light...Life is all about choicesHave fun go mad ;)It's 4 AM,Im still stuck inside the studio,being poetic,lyrical,overused my brain  for bloody 12 hours straight....and I guessed It just bring out the randomness in me...:(y ...Read more

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Always the Bonnie and Clyde in me

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